Om Burger, The Sloppiest & Greasiest Burger Ever!

    It is a hell messy burger, the patty drowned in margarine and topped with cheese, fried egg and big glops of mayo and chili sauce. Available only at Om Burger, Ampang Jaya.
    Strategically located in front of 7-11 Lorong Kolam Air Lama 1, Om Burger is a long standing and popular local eatery. Open from 8pm till late, the daily crowds and queues are testament to their popularity.


    We ordered up our burger ayam special (RM4) and watched for a few moments as Pakcik began to prepare the burgers. He placed the patties on the grill together with a dollop of margarine. From time to time, Pakcik would use a spatula to press the patty down to give it some crisps.
    He would then crack an egg on the hot grill and spread it wide and thin. When the egg has vulcanised into a semi-solid state, he moved the patty to the center of the egg and proceeded to fold the egg around the patty.
    The burger was then loosely assembled in the following order: bun -> patty with egg fold -> cheese -> tomato -> cabbage -> generous squeeze of mayo, chilli sauce and some sprinkles of pepper.
    My burger ayam special was took for a 30 minutes spin before I reached home. Ken commented that it should taste even better because the bun has soaked up all the juicy bits (and oil bits!) of the meat patty. Errrrrrr……..
    The burger was mind blowing! So tasty and flavorful but it was a challenging to manage the stack of bun, patty, egg and other goodies. Who cares? Because I was dressed in my most comfy pair of pajamas, holding the burger with both my hands, putting both my legs up on the coffee table, enjoying my favourite TV show while taking a BIG bite of m OM BURGER!

    *Warning! Do not attempt this at home. This might wreak havoc on a marriage/relationship.

    Burger OM
    Lorong Kolam Air Lama 1
    Ampang, KL
    (in front of 7-11)

    Om Burger


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