Kin Shui Tei @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort [CLOSED]

    Since the damaging March 11 catastrophic that caused a tsunami and radiation leakage to devastate the Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures in Japan, a lof of us have deter from consuming Japanese food. The mass paranoia have cause a lot of Japanese restaurants to experience a slow down in business.

    Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant stands out when they started to implement a double checking step for radiation on all their imported ingredients using a radiation detector. Do you know that they are the first restaurant in Malaysia that uses the radiation detector to do the daily food scanning? The little device costs a whopping RM7,000 and there are no ready stocks in Malaysia at the moment.
    Kampachi – radiation reading: 64
    Pickles – radiation reading: 78
    Gas mantle – radiation reading: 4665!

    Gas mantle, widely used in kerosene or liquified petroleum gas flame has a higher reading because the mantle emits radiation when lit to generate bright white light.

    Some fact about radiations: Radiation is all around us, all the time. The energy spectrum has included microwaves, radiowaves, infrared radiation, UV radiation, X-ray, etc. At high attitudes airlines fly, passenger and crews are exposed to higher-than-normal radiation levels of between 3 and 9 microsieverts per hour too. (1 sievert = 1000 millisieverts (mSv), 1mSv = 1000 microsieverts).

    Radiation exposure around the Fukushima nuclear power plant reach levels of 400mSv per hour. A single dosage of 1000mSv could cause radiation sickness but not death. A single dosage of 5000mSv could cause death to those who were exposed to it within a month and a 1000mSv reading could cause fatals within week. You get the drift.

    more readings:
    So the conclusion is not to worry too much all Japanese imports have undergone vigorous inspection by the Japanese and Malaysian Ministry of Health.
    If the worry persists, it’s ok because Kin Shui Tei has chosen to stop using Japanese products all together and seek alternatives from other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Alaska while others continue to use selected ingredients from the southern part of the country.
    Let’s do some light reading after such a heavy discussion, shall we?
    Thanks to the invitation from Kin Shu Tei, we got to sample chef Ikuo Tanabe’s master piece once again.  The little education session put us at ease; we enjoyed our food thoroughly without any worries.
    Kin Shu Tei’s interior is simple and the colours of the whole restaurant is easy on the eye and rather classy.
    Special Hokkaido chirashi sushi – RM98
    I must say the food presentation was expertly done and the raw ingredients were so fresh that it is a lot like tasting the ocean. We really liked the rice imported from USA; somehow it just tastes better compared to Japanese rice. :p
    Seasonal Anago Tempura – RM30
    The crispy sea eel tempura was a great combination with the special dipping sauce – chef’s special sweet sour sauce with spring onions.
    Smoked Ayu – RM55

    The moist, flaky fish with a delicate smoke flavor was really good. Highly recommended!
    Beef tofu Katsu don – RM38
    On the surface, it’s a seemingly simple dish, but there is so much going on – a delicate layer of tofu wrapped with beef roll and coated in a crispy bread crumb batter. This tops my list as well.
    Lamb rib steak – RM50. Lean and juicy, the lamb rib steak was grilled to perfection. The thick sauce looks appetizing and tasted great at the same time. Special mention must be made regarding the potato salad; so creamy and so delicious!
    We had an early birthday celebration for KampungBoy courtesy of Debbie and the restaurant manager.
    The make shift “cake” is so pretty! Kudos to the sous chef for such an innovative master piece.

    It was my third time to Kin Shu Tei and we have never been disappointed. It is one of the long standing Japanese restaurants in town, partly attributable to Chef Ikuo Tanabe’s dedication and strict standard applied. He is such a perfectionist, and we have seen it with our own eyes.

    Kin Shui Tei
    C/o Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
    Jalan Kelab Tropicana,
    47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel: 03-78042079 / 03-78804437 ext 315


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