Opus Bistro @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

    Located at a quieter part of Bangsar, Opus Bistro is a homey, long-standing Italian restaurant that attracts a loyal group of regulars with its classic offerings. The restaurant has been there, in the same place, since forever ago. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary here, and now we are going into our 7th year. Time flies and it is also a true testament to Opus Bistro’s great food and attentive services.
    Risotto Ball. With the golden fried breadcrumb coating around the risotto center, how could anyone resist something that looks so downright sinful?
    Seafood Antipasti Platter – baked scallops and prawns, fresh clams in white wine sauce and mussels in arabiatta sauce. Tempt your taste buds with these exotic flavours from the sea. I simple adore the fresh clams in white wine sauce; the sauce was so divine that I mopped up every last drop with the complementary bread!
    Spaghetti alla Opus is “the dish that made us famous”, according to Opus Bistro. Brimmed with seafood favourites like prawns, squids, clams and mussels that impart a mild briny flavour of the sea to the sauce, it was an instant hit among us. The flavour was further accentuated by the finishing touch of fresh herbs.
    Spinach Ravioli with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce – Paired with a creamy and mildly piquant gorgonzola sauce, this classic Italian home-made pasta dish makes a delicious vegetarian meal.
    IMG_1156 copy
    Linguini aglio olio with smoked duck – The smoke duck was very tender and the intense, smokey flavor goes very well with the plain aglio olio.
    Grilled Lamb Cutlet with Red Wine Sauce – I had to give this a pass for having too much mutton with gamey taste in China last week. However, according to kampungboy, it was all good!
    Opus Famous Roasted Cod with choice of White Wine Sauce or Lemon Caper Sauce. It is an all time favourite dish of Opus Bistro’s regular. Impeccably fresh and juicy, the cod fish was a flaky perfection! The sauce was refreshing, accentuating the natural flavour of the lightly seared cod.


    Bristot Coffee is something for the ultimate coffee pleasure.
    We had Chef’s Special Tiramisu to end our meal on a sweet note. The mascarpone cream was right on – not too sweet, rich, creamy. The lady fingers were soaked perfectly and the coffee liquor kick was strong enough.
    Remember to save some room for the Chocolate Desire the next time you are here.
    One must crack through the chocolate molten cake to witness the hot lava slips down its gooey value. Then dig in and enjoy the juxtaposition of hot lava against cold ice cream in your mouth.

    Our revisit has reaffirm the fact that Opus Bistro has got indisputable food quality, just like its reputable sister outlets at Jalan Bangkung. Though ‘glam’ dining as such is not light on the pocket (for us lar), but the food quality more than makes up for it.


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