An Insight Into Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

    Thanks to Jade from Mustard Tree Communication and Academy of Pastry Art Malaysia, we had a fun filled day of hands-on baking pleasure.

    Before we got our hands dirty, Jade took us around and we gasped upon seeing these impressive art work! Scroll down and feast your eyes with these beautiful work by the tutors and students from APAM.







    After we ohh and ahh over every single whimsical items that we saw, Jade brought us to one of the working tops and we saw these savoury croissants sitting on a baking tray as if they are waiting for a final, magical touch.
    And yes, we were given the privilege to brush some egg wash on top for that beautiful glaze. And now, they are ready to be shoved into the oven.
    The outcome was some beautiful, buttery and crisp croissants!
    Lejeune Guillaume, the Director of APAM showed us the art of decorating danish pastries.
    He is one lively and bubbly character and the ladies just love to surround him all the time! *chuckles*
    The ladies were piping Chantilly on top of the caramel ginger and peanut bar/cake. Guess who has the steadiest hand and who is the clumsiest of them all?
    This tart is a delicious coupling of ginger, caramel, chocolate ganache and digestive cookies base. The ginger flavor in the caramel was good, not too strong and not too sweet.
    I do admire KampungBoy for his courage. As a man with completely no experience in baking, he tried his hands on decorating/garnishing some chocolate tarts!
    Look at his intense expression!!
    customized chocolate tarts 🙂
    Before we knew it, it’s time to feed our tummy with our “labour of love”. The danish pastries melted in my mouth. They were light, buttery and so flaky.
    Spot the delicate strawberry, coconut and raspberry macarons! So pretty!
    Ninja Cake (Pistachio chocolate cake)
    group picture – Rebecca, Pei Lin, Veronica, Lejeune Guillaume, me and KampungBoy.

    Offering small, intimate training and a proven curriculum, APAM is the right training ground for amateur baker or a budding professional. Curriculum are designed to cater to new student chefs as well as professionals looking for renewed inspiration. APAM offers a wide array of pastry courses: bakery and artisan breads; European breakfast pastries; ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen desserts; chocolate pralines and candies; art of plating dessert. On top of that, they are offering two new classes for the first time ever:

    1) Art of Cake Making & Designing (Certificate Program) (6 weekends) (Ist intake: 30 April, 2011, 2nd intake: 2nd July) (Every Sat & Sun, 9 am – 5pm)
    Topics: Cup cakes, children specialty cakes, designer cakes, celebration cakes, classic wedding cake
    This will be taught by Chef Hong (photo of cake creation as per attached)
    Fee: RM 3,800.00

    2) Pastry & Bakery Program (Part time certificate)
    12 weekends (Sat & Sun, 9 am – 5pm)
    Flexible Intake (This will be taught by Chef Alina Hew, guest chef)
    Topics: Breads, breakfast pastries, cookies, classic pastry & tarts, cheese cake, petit fours and cup cakes
    Plated dessert, modern cake, chocolate, wedding cake, sugar art
    Fee: RM 5,000

    For April and May class schedule, visit APAM website for more details.

    Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia
    Lot 2-A, 2nd Floor,
    Wisma Thrifty
    No. 19, Jalan Barat,
    46200 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Daruk Ehsan,
    H/P: +60173252395
    Tel: +603 7960 3846 / +603 7960 3848


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