Hong Kong: Ngong Ping 360 Experience

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    After a magical day in HK Disneyland, we traveled along the Tung Chung line to Tung Chung station to enjoy a journey of 360 degree spectacular panoramic views.
    Exit B to Ngong Ping 360 station.
    We purchased the Round Trip ticket (on Crystal Cabin from Tung Chung and Standard Cabin from Ngong Ping) for HKD 153 per person. There are quite a few of packages available; such as round trip (standard cabin), round trip (crystal cabin) or the journey of enlightenment package that consists of round trip Ngong Ping Cable Car journey and entry to Walking with Buddha and Monkey’s Tale Theatre attractions. All packages and pricing details are available here.
    Each cable car can fit up to 17 pax (10 sitting, 7 standing) but we were only sharing our cabin with 2 others, because it was a relatively quiet day.
    crystal cabin
    In the next 25 minutes, we immense ourselves with a spectacular bird’s eye views of the South China Sea and Tung Chung Bay, Scenic Mountains, the Hong Kong International Airport, the whole North Lantau Country Park and the Ngong Ping Village.
    The transparent bottom was a bit frightening but I got used to it in no time and enjoyed the panoramic view.

    There is nothing quite like that feeling of the wind gushing past your face at few thousands kilometers off the ground. Though it was quite chilly up in the wind, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.



    We knew that we are approaching the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, as we caught our first glimpses of the mighty Tian Tan Buddha Statue.
    Ngong Ping Village
    This amazing cultural themed village has been architecturally designed and landscaped to reflect the cultural and spiritual integrity of the Ngong Ping area.
    It boasts several major attractions -Walking with Buddha and the Monkey’s Tale Theatre – as well as a diverse array of retail, dining and entertainment experiences.
    Visitors can write their wishes on a little wooden boardand hang it on one of the many pegs. At a fee of course!
    There is also a wish tree where devotees will write theirwishes on joss paper tied to an orange, and then threw them up to hang on the branches.

    From Ngong Ping Village, it was another 5 minutes walk to the Tian Tan Buddha Statute.
    To reach the Buddha statue, one will have to climb 268 steps up the long flight of stairs.
    Being a couch potato as we are, we did not climb up those stairs. However, even from afar, the Tian Tan Buddha appears serene and dignified. His right hand is raised, representing the removal of affliction.The Buddha’s left hand rests on his lap in a gesture of giving dhana. The Buddha faces north, which is unique among the great Buddha statues, as all others face south. On its chest is the Swastika, an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles. This symbol was used by the Nazis in 1920.
    Visitors can also wall down along the Bodhi Path which is the central walkway leading to the Monastery and the giant Buddha. Lined on both sides of the path are statues of the Twelve Divine Generalsas well as 40 lotus-shaped lanterns. The Twelve Divine Generals are regarded as protectors in Buddhism, and each is responsible for guarding a two-hour section of the day. In addition, they represent the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, as denoted by the different zodiac signs on their crowns.


    We then took a cable car ride back to Tung Chung station just before the cable car halt services at 6 pm.
    A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do. It’s time for us to indulge in some retail therapy after 3 full days of walking around doing touristy stuff. Aiwei bought a Coach Bag in there (buy from coach-addict cheaper) while I went home empty handed.
    We ended the night having a really late dinner with relatives. It was an authentic Cheow Chow Da Lang experience
    my lovely family members
    day 4 360
    Some of the very notable dishes that we had – oyster omelette, braised goose, deep fried pork’s intestines, shacha sauce (沙茶酱) beef claypot, oyster porridge, etc.


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