Sukico Hainan Cafe @ Damansara Utama

    Being a Hainanese, KampungBoy is quite a fussy eater when it comes to anything that does with his hainanese roots. We usually have our cuppa together at the Ah Weng Kor Hainanese Tea Stall in Imbi Market during the weekends. He also likes the hainanese pork chop at Yut Kee so much that we make it a point to drop by whenever he’s back in KL. One fine day, I told him I’ve had enough of Yut Kee’s, so let’s do something for a change.

    “OK, let’s go to Sukico Hainan Cafe then. Heard some good thing about em'”, he told me. I almost choked on my water, for obvious reasons.
    Sukico Hainan Cafe has been in Damansara Uptown for as far as I can remember but it was only our first time there. The decor is simple and minimal, and the menu is pretty straightforward. The place had an old, musty smell that I don’t feel comfortable with. Maybe it’s just me and my sensitive nose.

    I had a feeling that our Iced Hainanese Tea (RM 3.50) is going to be bad when I saw it being prepared by the foreign worker. You gotta trust a woman’s sixth sense – my hainanese tea was diluted, overly sweet and where is the thick frothy foam that sits on top? Nowhere to be seen.
    KampungBoy ordered the signature Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM 12.80). Drenched in brown sauce and topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, the chicken chop coated in a crispy batter tasted really good! It came with a generous servings of fries and coleslaw too.

    I really like the super decadent and rich Hainanese Lamb Stew (RM 14.80) too. The sauce is really thick and flavorful, with a light hint of star anise and cinnamon stick. The lamb was so tender, the meat fell right off the bones. It was so delicious that I’m getting every last bit of marrow out towards the end of our meal.

    Taking the “smell” issue aside, we had a very satisfying lunch in Sukico Hainan Cafe. The Hainanese Chicken Chop and Hainanese Lamb Stew is really something! And I’m really glad that KampungBoy will have another place in mind the next time he wants to do Hainanese. Yay, no more Yut Kee all the way!

    Sukico Hainan Cafe
    26, Jalan SS21/39,
    Damansara Utama,
    47400 PJ.
    Tel: +603 7728 8381


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