Nathalie Gourmet Studio @ Solaris Dutamas

    UPDATE: Nathalie Gourmet Studio is no longer offering the Menu Ala Carte on a daily basis. The restaurant space is still available and open for bookings for any private events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Gatherings and also Corporate Functions, where Chef Nathalie herself and her team will be there to cook exclusively for the guests.

    Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio has always been at the top of my “to try” list but it took us forever to drop by, mainly due to the inconvenient opening hours (close for dinner, close on Sunday). Luck must be on our side, because towards the last day of year 2010, our PM has decided to declare a public holiday to  commemorate Malaysia’s victory in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup.

    I text-ed Ivy almost immediately, “let’s do lunch at Nathalie’s!” and she replied promptly “OK”. I know that my lunch companion is as excited as me; for our love for all things fine (but could not afford it most of the time :p).
    While some may find Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio hard to locate, just look out for Pink Sage and take the escalator all the way up. There will be signs that guide you to the restaurant.

    The interior is simple and tasteful; with exposed steel beams, simple wooden furniture and beautiful, glowing lightning.
    At one side of the premise, we spotted a fully equipped, professional kitchen where Chef Nathalie conducts cooking classes.
    I love the open kitchen concept which allows diners to witness the careful preparations of Chef Nathalie and her team in a pristine and busy kitchen.
    salt & pepper
    complimentary bread & butter
    Apple Tatin Tart, on a Brioche Base, Pan Fried Duck Liver, Apple Juice Sauce (RM 32).

    Think crumbly and crunchy brioche, slabs of rich creamy pan fried duck liver that literally melts in your mouth, caramelised slices of apple tatin and saliva inducing apple juice sauce – and you get and explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth.
    Green Capsicum Tagliatelles, Gorgonzola and Chives Sauce (RM 33)

    After the good start we continued towards the main courses. Our hand made tagliatelles was rough and porous in texture; almost akin to our local pan mee but less dough-y and chewy. The gorgonzola and chives sauce was rich, but not too overwhelming. Overall it was a simple and decent pasta dish but we found it to be lack of surprise/excitement in comparison.
    Duck Breasts Stuffed with Blueberries and Italian Parsley, Creamy Hazel Nut Polenta, Hazelnut Emulsion (RM 40)

    Our duck breasts were tender and soft to the bite, and the blueberries and chives stuffing accentuates the flavor even more. The bed of hazelnut polenta was soft, creamy and soft; it almost felt like we are indulging on some form of dessert.
    Foam sauces seems like a norm in Nathalie’s cooking; and we usually mop up all the delicious sauce with some fresh crusty bread.
    Mont Blanc, Chestnut Sorbet (RM 22).

    Probably one of my all time favourite desserts because I LOVE chestnut puree. And I really adore Nathalie’s version. The meringue base was crunchy on the outside with a soft, airy texture on the inside. The chestnut puree was soft and creamy, with a sweet nutty flavor.
    A meal at Nathalie’s is not complete without tasting some of her signature macarons. So colourful and pretty that they were practically calling to me through the glass window!

    macarons – Praline & Pistachio

    Having tasted too many sub-standard macarons in the past, I was a bit skeptical. I mean how good can a macaron be? It’s always sickeningly sweet, with thick jaw breaking shells. It turned out, I was wrong! When our teeth meet the thin, delicate shell, it breaks and shatters immediately. The inner part of the macaron is soft and moist. And the best part is, none of these lovely round morsels is too sweet.
    flat white – a comforting way to end the meal
    All in all. the food is exceptionally good and the menu changes every month but do prepare to leave with a lighter wallet.

    Would I go back? Yes for special occasions and if you’re buying, I will accompany you!

    Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio
    Unit 4-1-5 Solaris Dutamas
    Jalan Dutamas
    50480 Kuala Lumpur
    03 62 07 95 7
    019 666 05 28


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