Huck’s Cafe Bangsar (revisited) &

    * photos taken with Sony NEX 5
    Remember Huck’s Cafe Bangsar? It was my second time here; and this time I brought along the usual suspects – C&C, Ivy & Wen Ching. We wanted to throw a special birthday dinner for the birthday boy & girl (C&C) and nothing beats a made-to-order meal with personal touches. So Huck’s Cafe bangsar it is!

    Complementary Salad – a creative combination of mandarin oranges, jambu air & leafy greens but the dressing tasted bland. It probably needs more seasoning to intensify the flavor.
    Wild Mushroom Soup – thick, creamy, earthy with a velvety, slightly chunky finish.
    French Onion Soup – lovely combination of crusty bread with melted cheese and rich, flavorful broth.
    Lamb Cottage Pie – velvety smooth mashed potatoes with generous portions of chunky succulent lamb cubes hidden beneath. So comforting and satisfying!
    Baked Fish topped with Cheese & Oats – a crispy, non greasy delicious piece of fish over a bed of spaghetti coated in tomato sauce.
    Huck Seng – the chef
    Pot-roast Meatloaf (chicken) – thick slices of juicy meatloaf & chickpeas served in a tangy tomato based sauce. I find the sauce a tad too sour for my liking.
    Yam Basket – The rich and velvety yam basket, fried to a golden crisp, contains chicken fillets and assorted greens was delicious. The food portion is humongous too!
    Undivided Lemon – Huck Seng told us that this dessert was created by accident and it became a hit among friends & families! The cake was name as such because every part of the lemon – the juice, the zest, the pulp is used.
    the undivided couple with their undivided lemon cake.
    hope you guys like the pressies!
    Chris can’t wait to try on his new shirt!
    kbcg & Christine
    Deinhard & Co. Green Label QbA 2008 from, a Malaysian online wine merchant site.

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    A toast to the birthday boy & girl! May this next year bring you the very best of happiness, health, and fortune.

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