Tapao My Favourite Prawn Noodles from Yong Len, TTDI

    One Sunday morning, I woke up with a pounding headache and a craving for prawn noodles. Felt too awful to apply anything on my face and to get change, I hopped onto the car in my most comfy 10 year old t-shirt and drove to Yong Len coffee shop at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
    I passed my Tupperware to the aunty who is manning the stall. Looking at me, she smiled and uttered “cute tupperware you have!”

    I told her that I’m using my container from the BYO TaPau series, Tupperware’s latest eco-friendly innovation. She placed my rice vermicelli and yellow noodles on the Noodle Holder, it is indented at the side for easy and safe handling. The soup is then filled into the container before the noodle holder was being placed on top. Don’t worry about the hot soup part, because the container is made of safe, non-toxic material. And the best thing is, the perforation will keep my noodles moist by the steam released from the soup below.

    After a 20 minutes drive, my bowl of prawn noodles reached home safely. No spillage or any mishaps along the way.
    I left the vent cap open before heating it up in the microwave oven and my house is filled with the most divine scent ever! Put the noodles into the soup and then microwave. The BYO Tapau series is also microwave-reheatable.
    The noodles remained springy even after some 30 minutes.
    What’s more comfortable than eating a bowl of fiery hot noodles in your most comfy t-shirt in the comfort of your own home. It was pure bliss, I tell you!
    Need to tapau for an entire clan a bigger group? No problem! The containers can also be stacked and secured by the Grip-and-Go Carlolier.
    I also take the Eco Bottle Spring together with me wherever I go!

    Oh, take a look at this video! If you have been watching our very own local food program Ho Chiak, you should remember Orange & Winson! It’s a really cute video, and they have shown us how to use the Tupperware BYO container even if you are too busy for lunch.

    So now the issue is why don’t I just use disposables that give me a greater deal of convenience – just eat and throw! Have you ever stopped to wonder about the amount of waste and damage that they generate? For example, Styrofoam is non-biodegrable, takes 900 years to breakdown, creates toxis wastes and damages our ozone layer. Taking the environmental effect aside, the harmful compounds may migrate into our food and accumulate in our bodies.

    A simple gesture such as Tupperware BYO container to tapau could help to reducing the use of unnecessary packaging such as Styrofoams and plastic bags. Plus it’s safe to reuse for a lifetime because Tupperware is such a reputable brand. All Tupperware is made from non-toxic materials that do not leach chemicals into food.
    So I made a pledge to tapau my lunch with only my new Tupperware container. Nasi Lemak, Chap Fan (mixed rice), fried vermicelli, etc, they have all filled my container before. My fellow colleagues can testify that, heh!

    You too, can do your bit for the environment. Fill up your stomach, not the landfill!

    For more information, visit the Tupperware site.


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