Perth Cheap Eats – Taka’s Kitchen @ Barrack St., Perth

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    Just mention “cheap eats” to any Perthians and Taka’s Kitchen will immediately springs to their mind. Known for its cheap, quick and nutritious Japanese bites, Taka’s is an city institution frequented by students, backpackers and office-workers.
    Assorted Sushi ($6.50, small)

    After a long, exhausting day trip up north, we dropped by Taka’s to grab some quick bites. The canteen like restaurant was jam-packed and buzzing with activities. We pushed through the crowd and found ourselves two seats at the communal tables, seating hip-to-hip with other patrons.
    Tendon ($5.80, small)

    We joined the queue at the front of the counter to place our order. The cashier then passed us a pager and in less than 10 minutes, the pager buzzed and we knew that its time to collect our grub. It works pretty much like a fast food chain huh?
    Chicken Katsu Don ($5.30, small)

    We ordered way too much food since we arrived famished. The portion of our rice dish is HUGE and the sushi s is almost the size of my fist. The food was nothing to shout about, but nothing to slam either. All in all, Taka’s Kitchen is the place to go for decent Japanese food with excellent value.
    Taka Barrack Street
    150 – 152 Barrack St.
    Perth WA 6000
    Tel: 08 9221 4771
    (opposite Perth Train Station)

    Taka Shafto Lane
    Shop 5 & 6 Shafto Lane
    347 – 417 Murray St.
    Perth WA 6000
    Tel: 08 9324 1234

    Taka Fremantle
    Shop 2 Old Shanghai
    6 Henderson St.
    Fremantle WA 6160
    Tel: 08 9335 7676

    Open Mon-Thur 11am-9pm, Fri 11am-9.30pm, Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-5.30pm


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