I have a story to tell…

    Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a city. She was so afraid to be exposed to the sun that she took all means of protection against the deathly ultraviolet ray.
    For example, an awkward combination of can can hat, sun glasses and scarf. Not exactly fashionable but that’s the best that she can do.

    She also refrained herself from enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities. She can only look from afar in envy while her friends are having fun.
    One day she found out about the new Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ white essence and white cream. Powered by Olay’s new whitening ingredients, it helps in achieving advanced fairness without whitening injection*

    *Epidermal level only. Results not equal to whitening injection. When used regularly and continuously.
    olay white
    Ya lar, I’m the poor girl living in fear (of getting dark (even with UV protection)) in the story. Wanting to achieve an even skin tone, I’m trying out the new and improved Olay CelLucent™ series that contains both the innovative whitening ingredient, CelLucent Complex, and Niacinamide. CelLucent Complex works by helping to temporarily act on the recepter on the melanocyte and thereby helps inhibit the stimulation of the melanocyte by alpha-MSH. Also by working at the early stage of this melanin synthesis, CelLucent Complexis able to help inhibit the subsequent processes from taking place, thus reducing the amount of melanin synthesised. Niacinamide, on the other hand, works at a later stage to help prevent the transfer of melanin from the melanocytes into the epidermis*.

    It also means that the Cellucent complex targets both the early and later stages of the melanin cycle, giving me a true glowing fairness.
    After cleansing, I apply the Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White Essence on the face. I love the dropper mechanism, which allows me to target my problem areas easily.

    I also like how the formula is not greasy and sticky at all. It allows quick absorption onto the skin and the texture feels like between lotion and serum.
    Follow by the Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White Cream, a gel-form day cream that gives you a boost of hydration. It is also formulated with a new “shape memory gel” technology that form a layer of moisture, efficiently moisturising the skin surface and filling out the skin surface evenly, allowing light rays to better reflect off skin for a smoother and radiant glow.
    Notice the difference? My left hand (with ring) looks more hydrated, translucent and fair. And this is just after a few applications.
    The result is just amazing! After 1 week, I feel my freckles are a few shades lighter, and my skin tone looks more even and translucent! Now I feel really confident about myself!


    Win the fight against dark pigment melanin! No more hiding under the sun!

    It’s not just me! Even clinical data has shown that the CelLucent™ Complex effectively reduces hyperpigmentation and lightens skin tone in just eight weeks, accelerates skin exfoliation rate and produces higher moisture levels after just four weeks*. Try it to believe it!

    p/s: Special thanks to my ke-le-feh friends (Christine, Ivy, Wenching) as well as the cameraman (Chris). The shooting part was great fun!

    * Refers to epidermal layer only. With regular use


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