Huck’s Cafe Bangsar – a Private Kitchen in Bangsar!

    Huck’s Cafe Bangsar:
    Address: 22 Jalan Abdullah Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-2282-2126
    Private Kitchen, Speakeasy, Underground Dining, Home Cafe……Call it whatever you like, because these terms generally refer to a restaurant-like setting tucked away in some neighborhood housing area or apartments. Reservation is almost mandatory due to limited seating capacity. Advertising is usually by word of mouth; coming from friends and families who have been largely impressed by the food quality. And in most of the time, the chef will decide what to cook for you, based on the best of the market for that day.
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    That’s a really intriguing idea. And it is already taking place around the world especially in HK, where rentals are exorbitantly priced. Restaurateurs found a new way to market for their food. And here in Malaysia, private kitchen is something that I’ve never known of until my colleague introduces me to Huck’s Cafe bangsar.IMG_1375

    The house is beautifully converted to a cafe like setting, with beautiful garden and Balinese theme man made pond.
    The owner/chef, Huck Seng learns cooking to impress his three children (ya la! he’s married!). He is not trained as a chef, but he improvised along the way and his cooking is a hit among friends and families! Soon enough, friends came over for dinner and eventually they brought along more guests (friends of friends). That’s how the whole idea of starting up a home cafe was borne.





    We made a reservation for a Sunday night and showed up a little late. We sipped on a refreshing drink (Basil Seed Mint Soda) while touring the place.
    snacks – mini wonton with spicy shrimps
    It was a rainy night and coincidentally, we were presented with two types of soups as our starters.

    Sweet, rich and creamy; the pumpkin soup was a great tummy warmer. Instead of squashing everything together, the chef has thrown in some bite sized pumpkin cubes in there.
    However, the asparagus soup was “lifeless” in taste and a tad too salty for me.
    The Grilled Salmon Garlic Asparagus with Lime Rice was cooked perfectly and was delicious. And the crackly crispy salmon skin is the best bit!
    Chicken Cordon Bleu with Baked Apples. The cheese was oozing out as we sliced it across – a picturesque scene! The chicken meat was plump and juicy. If you noticed, Huck’s version of cordon bleu is baked as a healthier and less greasy alternative compared to the original recipe that ask for deep frying.
    Lemon Roast Chicken (whole bird, feeds 4) is the house specialty. I told Huck that the chicken dish is very “Jamie Oliver” and he laughed, admittedly told me that Jamie Oliver’s recipe is a source of inspiration for him as a chef. It is a simple and fail-proof recipe – just push  garlic cloves, whole lemon, rosemany and thyme into the cavity, then put the chicken intoa roasting tray. However, timing is crucial, and it is based on your experience most of the time.
    As easy as it sounds, the chicken dish turned out to be amazingly juicy and flavorful
    Wild Rocket Chili Chicken Spaghetti. Looks can be deceiving, as the mild looking pasta dish turned out to be quite spicy! It was delicious; and we enjoyed slurping up the spicy strands.
    House Wine
    Ginger Ale
    By the time we were done with our food we were stuffed to the brim but Huck brought in more desserts! The Banana Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream was really good. I haven’t had a good brownies for a very long time and their version surprises me! Soft, moist, buttery, nutty, and chocolaty with a hint of banana flavour; it was a big hit at our table.
    Same goes for the rich, decadent and delicious Chocolate Mud Pie Ice Cream, it was so good!
    The Creme Brulee was so smooth, rich and creamy! And the sugar coating is caramelized beautifully!
    There’s no better way to end a big meal with a cup of brewed coffee!
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    the comrades

    All in all, Huck’s Cafe Bangsar is a beautiful hidden gem that serves quality food at a very reasonable price. Huck’s Cafe Bangsar charges RM88 nett per pax for a three course meal with beverages included. Reservation is a MUST and can be made via their FB page.


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