1 Day Pinnacles, Koalas & Sandboarding 4WD Adventure Tour

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    I’ve decided to finally get off my lazy ass and to write about our WA trip. While we are still recovering from our post holiday blues, I’ll start with a day tour that we joined on the 4th day of our trip.
    We were required to assemble at Perth Sightseeing Centre at 7.45 am. We grabbed some coffee and muffins on-the-run from Croissant Express located just across the street. If you are looking for delicious food in a hurry, Croissant Express should be your destination.

    Perth Sightseeing Centre
    Hay St
    Perth WA 6000, Australia
    (08) 9417 5555

    Croissant Express (everywhere in Perth)
    540 Hay Street
    Perth WA 6000
    (Corner of Hay and Pier Streets)
    P : (08) 9218 9074
    F : (08) 9218 8774
    Open Hours: 7.00AM – 4.00PM Monday – Friday
    We booked the day tour with ATA (Adventure Tours Australia) and paid AUD 165 per person. Pinnacle Tour is charging AUD 207 per person, but we reckoned that they are all the same because the tour companies below are running on co-share basis.

    Adventure Tours Australia | www.adventuretours.com.au

    Oz Experience | www.ozexperience.com

    Pinnacle Tours | www.pinnacletours.com.au

    I also read from some forum that some of them paid only AUD 100 for the same day tour under Navi Tour, a Japanese  tour agency.   What’s the catch? You’ll need to buy the vouchers of two “Mystery Tour” for AUD 200 and indicate the date that you intend to join. When the day comes, be there as early as 7.30am. If there is any last minute cancellation, no show or extra seats, you get to hop onto the bus by just showing them your voucher. If the bus is full, just drop by the next day!

    What a great way to save! Unfortunately, we only found out about this after we came back. T____T

    Navi Tour
    Tel :08-9421-1070
    Google Map Location here
    We departed at 8am sharp leaving the cityand cross over the Swan River traveling past Burswood Resort Casino before heading north through the Swan Valley to Caversham Wildlife Park where we stop to view and take photograph of koalas and hand feed kangaroos.
    Everyone was pretty excited to see a kangaroo and it was fun when the kangaroos ate the pallets from the our palm.
    Do you know that baby kangaroos are born very early, after 1 month pregnancy? Newborns are about the size of a jelly bean and they spend 7-8 months living in the pouch. Female kangaroos also have the ability to pause the pregnancy during drought or when there insufficient amount of food. I’m jealous!!
    They are so cute and adorable; and I almost felt guilty for having them for dinner! 0_o
    We were then brought to the wombat. We were told to stroke it on the front legs, but not everywhere else. This is because although they look cute and cuddly, they tend to have a short temper and can become very aggressive if they feel threatened.
    Despite looking stubby and all, wombats can run up to 40 km/hr over short distances. Amazing right?
    A visit to Australia would not be complete without taking the chance to see some animals and stroking a koala right?
    We were lucky to caught a koala waking up from its sleep. Koalas usually spend up to 20 hours per day sleeping and the rest eating. Lucky bastard!
    Due to time constraint, we spent very little time in the wildlife park. If you are coming here on your own, do remember to allocate more time because there’s so much more to see!

    Caversham Wildlife Park
    Fare: Adult – AUD 22, Children (3-14 yr old): AUD 9.50, Students: AUD 15, Aged Pension: AUD 17
    Operating Hour: open daily 8.30am to 5.30pm (except Christmas day), last entry at 4.30pm
    Address: Unit B, Lot 99, Lord Street, Whiteman, WA 6068
    Phone: (08) 9248 1984
    Website: http://www.cavershamwildlife.com.au/
    Other Contact: sales@cavershamwildlife.com.au
    We also stopped along the road to see what’s blooming in North West.
    People travel from across the globe just to see WA wildflowers in spring. The view was beautiful, the wildflowers were bursting in their most striking state of yellow, hot-pink or fuchsia colour.
    The north of Western Australia has an almost tropical climate, which enjoys sunny, warm summers and mild winters. So there is a great array of bush flowers around.
    However, dry climate comes with plenty of bush flies! The blowflies are plain disgusting while the little ones are very annoying as they love to stick to sweat! It would drive you nuts!
    Next destination: Emu Downs Wind Farm, one of Australias largest wind farms. It is a $180 million joint venture project between Griffin Energy and Queensland’s Stanwell Corporation.
    Wind turbine is by far the most beautiful way to harness energy.
    watching these sleek wind turbines spinning gracefully in the wind has a therapeutic effect.
    We were quite disappointed that our “buffet picnic lunch” turned out to be some cold pre-packed lunch and we had it in a small rest house at Cervantes Town . However, we do appreciate our tour guide’s effort in making sure that everyone has enough food.
    sights along the way
    We reached Nambung National Park finally! Situated approximately 245km north of Perth, it is home to one of Australia’s most unique and captivating landscapes – the Pinnacles Desert.
    We learnt about the history and the formation of the limestone dunes from the Discovery Centre before taking the trail to see the “real stuff”.
    These spectacular limestone rock structures were formed over thousands of years with a combination of water, quartz, limestone and sand. The structures then rise from the shifting yellow sands, standing high and remained strong. The power of nature!
    The Pinnacles remained relatively unknown to most Australians until the 1960s, when the Department of Lands and Surveys agreed to add the area to the already existing national park.
    The best time to visit is between August to October, when the green bush bursts into flowers creating a beautiful sight.
    Remember to protect yourself against the U here as the whole area is unshielded. Brings sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/visor and drink plenty of water!




    Our last stops were Lancelin Beach and Lancelin Sand Dune. Lancelin is a small fishing town nestled between the ocean and sand dunes, and is famed worldwide for their rock lobster produce. How come we don’t get to try? 🙁
    beautiful holiday houses along the beach
    Soon, we were off the road and heading on to the sand dunes for some 4WD fun. Our coach is suppose to be speeding down a sand dune really, really fast! It looks scary right? But it was a big disappointment for us, no thrill whatsoever. 🙁
    The sky blue sky and fine white sand took my breath away!
    stunning photos taken with Lancelin Island in the background and the shadow effect of sun ray
    the sand of time

    Our tour guide hunted for the highest dunes and coached us on how to use the sand board. Safety comes first!
    we are ready!!
    It was fun sand boarding down in a almost 90 degree angle dunes! We tried it for a few times but the climbing up part is so tiring! If you are coming on your own, you can always hire the boards from the nearest gas station and surf store in town.
    time to go home!
    Holding hands, we watched as the sun dipped below the horizon.


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