Taiwanese Mooncakes from Shou Xin Fang 手信坊


    Few weeks back, Mrs Jeannie Lee from New Formosa Restaurant passed us a box of mooncake to sample before she headed home to Taiwan.  She brought in these Taiwanese mooncakes from Shou Xin Fang and sells it in her restaurant.


    小樽之恋 Mixed Cheese Dessert RM 48.00

    Our box of “mooncake” consists of 5 individually packed mochi with cream cheese filling, all dressed up in pretty packaging. I’ve always love Taiwanese packaging;  based on the various cookies and pastries that I brought home from Taiwan. These aesthetically appealing packaging always put a huge smile on my face.


    It comes with different flavours – original, chocolate, brown sugar and cherry.


    These mooncakes are so different from their traditional counterparts. The mochi skin is soft and delicate while the cream cheese filling is creamy with a sweet and slightly tangy taste.

    For someone who can’t quite stomach the candy covered sweetness of a certain variation of the traditional mooncakes, these “mochi mooncakes” are good enough for me. This is the only mooncake that I can polish off a whole one by myself, after all.

    *Shou Xin Fang’s mooncake is available for sale at New Formosa Restaurant, SS2. To reserve, please call 03-78751894/7478. Hop over to masak-masak to have a look at the other variations of Shou Xin Fang mooncake.

    *I spotted a kiosk in Jaya Jusco One Utama that carry the same brand of mooncakes too. J Card holder is entitled for a 10% discount.


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