Coffee, Tea or Idol?

    What’s on your gym playlist? I do listen to JJ Lin’s Songs while doing cardio workout on the treadmill or doing crunches on the floor. I kept shuffling his songs like 木乃伊, 豆浆油条, 江南,一千年以后, sa rang hae yo,etc on my iphone.
    While I’m not exactly a fan of any particular singer, but I do admire those who can sing well like JJ Lin. Extra brownies point for he has written songs for various artists. In terms of looks, he exudes this charm of the boy next door. Oh wait, he is indeed Singapore’s most notable boy next door that made it big across Asia.
    If you have always wanted to see JJ Lin in person, here’s a piece of good news for you. In conjunction with the launch of the Super 3in1 coffee advertisements both on screen and off screen, Super is bringing JJ’s exclusive 100day Live Super Tour 2010 in Malaysia, from KL Penang in West Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu In East Malaysia.

    The showcase will feature some of his songs from the latest album. A series of limited number of Meet the Fan session will also be arranged.
    Wanted to win the tickets to this exclusive Music Tour? Simply Purchase any one pack of either Super Regular Super Rich or Super Reduce Sugar 3in1 coffee in any participating retail outlets super markets hyper markets, cut out the barcode and attach onto the contest forms OR for those who cant find contest form, you can also attach the barcode onto a white piece of paper with name ic and contact number and send to

    PO box no 5
    POS Malaysia Masai
    81757 Masai Johor

    The most number of entries can win attractive prizes include, Apple macbook, Canon EOS 550 camera, exclusive gathering session with Singer JJ Lin at the JJ 100days Live Super Tour In KL and limited edition DVD with JJ personal autograph. Make your move now!

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