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    Find yourself curious about 避风塘辣蟹 (Typhoon Shelter Crab) especially you have heard about it numerous times from those TVB dramas or Hong Kong movies? Just head to Causeway Bay…

    No! I meants Causeway Bay Spicy Crab at Sri Hartamas. Save that journey of thousand miles just to savour the famous crab dish because the original outlet from Causeway Bay, Hong Kong has opened up a branch in Sri Hartamas!
    Causeway Bay used to be a fishing village before all the land reclamation and massive development happened. And the poor folks at the fishing village often faced typhoons that strike the island. Hence, shelters were built along the bay and we called the fishermen who stayed at the boats “Tanka” folks. Due to limited resources and ingredients, they have developed a distinctive set of cuisine and Typhoon Shelter Crab is one of it.
    Thanks to the invite from Soo Ting and Eric, we get to know more about HK style seafood. We are also glad to know that their chef is of “Tanka” origin. So that speaks a lot about authenticity. Just look at the “wall of fame” to gauge how well is their Hong  Kong outlet doing.
    Located just behind Souled Out, the restaurant unveils a nicely appointed interior. Definitely more posh than your average Chinese restaurant, but not to the extend of too intimidating.

    some of the dishes that we have tried:
    Stewed Cod Fish with Beancurd Strips 鲜枝竹鳕鱼 – RM40

    Cod fish is always good, it rarely needs much to be done with it so the stewing method is something new. The beancurd strips absorbed the gravy very well and the fish slices, after deep fried, was slightly crispy and subtly sweet.
    Honey Garlic Fried Pork Ribs 蜜饯蒜香骨 – RM28

    You’ll know why this is one of their house signature dishes after you sink your teeth into it. It combined all the flavours we like – sweet, sticky and garlicky . I just need a pint of ice cold beer to go with it!
    Steamed Paddy Frog with Lotus Leaf 荷香古法蒸田鸡 – RM35

    The steamed frog dish was quite disappointing. While the delicate meat was tender, the natural sweetness of the meat was nowhere to be found.
    Homemade Beancurd 海棠翡翠豆腐 – RM30

    The beancurd was stuffed with a generous amount of seafood, but the texture of the tofu was somewhat lackluster. We expect it to be silky smooth, and glides down one’s throat easily.
    Vege with Salted & Preserved Egg 金银蛋上汤浸时菜 – RM18

    Yum! I could be biased because “yun choi” is my all time favourite vegetables. Enough said!
    Steamed Fresh Water Prawns with Egg white & Rice wine – RM90

    We have tried better one at Lung Seng, Tualang but Causeway Bay’s version might be one of the best in KL.
    Deep Fried Prawns with Chili, Salt & Pepper 避风塘明虾 – RM42

    Another crowd’s favourite. Coated with chili, salt and pepper, the prawns were so crunchy that you can eat the shell together.
    Typhoon Shelter “Bei Fung Thong” Crab
    Authentic HK Garlic & Chili Crab 正宗避风塘辣蟹 – RM68

    Here comes the legendary Bei Fung Thong Crab. One is given the freedom to choose their desired level of spiciness and in our case, we went for the medium level. True to its name, the crab dish is all about the strong flavor of chili and garlic. The flavor stays on the shell, but it does not hinder the natural sweetness of the flesh at all.
    Sourced from Sri Lanka, Sabah and Indonesia, the crabs are larger than usual as well. Retailing from RM68 per kg, it is a definite case of you get what you paid.
    Baked Crab with Salted Egg Yolk 流沙黄金蟹 – RM68

    Unlike the usual “wetter” version that we usually have out there, the egg yolks were fried to crisp. Even the crabs were lightly battered as well. I tell you, those egg yolk bits were really additive! It was screaming cholesterols but who cares?
    Last but not least, we had a sweet ending. The guai lin gou (herbal jelly) was a pleasant surprise. Who would have thought that you can find the best guai lin gou in a chinese seafood restaurant?

    If you are looking for authentic Hong Kong style seafood, head to Causeway Bay Spicy Crab now.

    Causeway Bay Spicy Crab 銅鑼灣辣蟹莊
    26 & 26-1 Jalan 30/70A
    Desa Sri Hartamas
    50480 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 6205 2280

    Business hours:
    11.30am – 3.00pm
    6.00pm – 11.30pm

    Causeway Bay Spicy Crab


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