Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

    Old Klang Road  is such a good place to feed our insatiable cravings for Japanese cuisine! Apart from Ishin and Xenri, we have Nihon Kai that offers good quality Japanese food that is light on the wallet.
    We were here on a Saturday night and the place was packed to the brim. It took just under 20 minutes to be seated. The restaurant is a small, simply decorated and the patrons profile are mainly families.

    We ordered the Nihon Kai Sp Maki (RM16) as appetizer. The maki roll sans the rice is a nice fresh change to the usual makis. Julienne vegetables and raw salmon slices are wrapped together in thin rice paper (bánh tráng?) and topped with mayonnaise and tobiko. The salmon slices were resilient and smooth, and the vegetables provided a good crunch to the bite.

    Chicken Katsu Don and Sashimi Set (RM26). The portion was generous for the price paid, consisting of pickled vegetables, salad, rice, miso soup, sashimi, chicken katsu don and fruits.
    Though not of superior quality, the sashimis were fresh with the right fat content.
    The chicken cutlets were flavorful and a little bit crispy but the broth was a tad too sweet. I like how the eggs were done slightly runny that gives the rice a silky texture.
    Chirashi Don (RM25) of great value for money! Variety may not be the greatest here, but they try to stuff as many thick sashimis in as possible.

    If you have always been asking where can one go for a good quality Japanese meal that won’t break the bank, Nihon Kai is the place to go.

    Nihon Kai Restaurant
    No. 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong
    Off Old Klang Road
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-7982 3668

    Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant


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