Hogs Breath Cafe @ Chijmes, Singapore

    Chijmes is a former convent converted into a beautiful dining venue that houses many beautiful restaurants, cafes and bars. We were there  during Christmas Eve last year. The management did a good job restoring and reviving CHIJMES Hall, an old chapel with fine gothic architecture.

    Take a stroll along the beautiful lawn space and courtyard with your loved one. So romantic!
    To get here, take the MRT to City Hall Station (EW13/NS25). Walk along Stamford Road and turn right at the junction of Stamford Road and Victoria Street.
    Since the nicer (read: expensive) restaurants like Lei Garden or Capella are way out of our budget, we chose Hogs Breath Cafe, an Australian chain of steak house restaurants that exudes a more casual and laid back ambiance.


    Hogs were seen everywhere – as decor pieces or printed in the menu but this is NOT the place for some babi-licious dishes.

    In fact, one should just stick to the steaks because they take pride in their best quality Australian Prime Rib that has more fat than traditional grilled steaks. It undergoes a slow cooking process for up to 18 hours, then finish with high temperature searing on the char grill to seal in the meat juices.
    some chicken roll thingy – don’t bother.
    The steak was done just right – truly tender and mouth watering juicy. The 18 hour slow-cooked process works apparently!.
    The chicken burger was mediocre, but the curly fries aka hog’s tail fries were really good!
    All in all, Hogs Breath Cafe is the place to go for some decent steaks, and nothing else. Be ready to pay about SGD 35 – 50 per person. I can’t wait to explore the other restaurants in Chijmes the next time I’m in Singapore!


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