Chili Pan Mee @ Restoran Kin Kin


Nestled in a row of shop lot off Jalan TAR, Restoran Kin Kin itself is an eating establishment that takes pride in their killer chili pan mee. So much pride that I’ve heard so many horror stories of the grumpy owner and intolerable services.
To avoid getting shouted at, we went there on a quiet Sunday morning. I suppose the lady owner was in a jovial mood that day. She smiled while taking our orders. Service was a bit slow but it is bearable.

Our pan mee (RM5.50) arrived shortly after. The accompanying ingredients are pretty standard: fried anchovies (ikan bilis), minced pork, crispy fried shallot and egg poached to perfection. It is also served with a small bowl of soup and sayur manis to curb the spiciness.

What is chili pan mee without the piece de resistance – dry chili flakes! Add one or two table spoon of those fiery, aromatic chili flakes into your bowl, poke the runny egg yoke and give everything a good stir!
The outcome? A good bowl of chili pan mee that leaves you yearning for more because…at RM5.50, the portion is really small.

Restoran Kin Kin is located on the backstreet off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Take a left turn at Pizza Hut followed by a right. The bright yellow signboard is hard to be missed. Oh or you can go to the opposite Restoran Super Kitchen, with bright yellow signboard too. The chili pan mee tastes the same and they price it at RM5.50 too.

Restoran Kin Kin
40 Ground Floor,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Chow Kit, KL.

Monday to Friday
730 am to 900pm
Saturday & Sunday
730am to 430pm

Publika Mall
Food Court

Restoran Kin Kin

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  1. KY says:

    they do have slightly better chili pan mee than super kitchen, but the sometimes overly lansi attitude, and the inability to serve soup & noodle at the same time really potong stim la
    .-= KY´s last blog ..Keropok Lekor Zahela Embong- Kuala Terengganu =-.


  2. J says:

    Ah, Kin Kin. I have so many funny memories of this place – the owners can really be so moody… Sometimes ok, sometimes sooooo grumpy! :)

    Luckily the noodles+chilli are consistently yummy….


  3. yum says:

    Yup, been to Kin Kin (what an oxymoron of a name — should be called Bun Bun).

    Been also to Super Kitchen.

    No discernible difference in taste esp after putting in the chilli flakes.

    My verdict is that Kin Kin is too much of a bother to eat at. When people get famous, they are a pain in the ass.


  4. wyyv says:

    pan mee.. I love pan mee..”Tian Ai Ke” serve not bad pan mee too, gonna update abt it soon =D
    .-= wyyv´s last blog ..Kam Hin – Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park =-.


  5. nileey says:

    Their service is relatively better now, as compared to, say 2 years ago…

    I find their scribbled notices on the wall a source of entertainment :)
    .-= nileey´s last blog ..Bangalore Street Scenes =-.


  6. good idea.. pan mee is one of my fav food for brekkie :)
    .-= thule aka leo´s last blog ..Cafe Stelle by Raffles – Pavilion KL =-.


  7. Syee Mun says:

    Wow, i pretty love this pan mee…thanks for sharing and now i remember where it’s location is.. :)
    The chili flakes is just simply amaze :) yummy..


  8. mimid3vils says:

    Not even bother to visit them after heard so many reviews abt the BAD service~~


  9. JD says:

    That signage is very good, at least I know that the one that I ate is the genuine branch in Pandan. Haha. Read about the bad customer experience here so never really bother going there as the one in Pandan is very near to my house. It’s pretty good too…


  10. iamthewitch says:

    Gosh I just had Chilli pan mee for lunch, but at Jojo kitchen. I could still feel the fire in my tummy now! LOL! My absolute love for pan mee never dies because of chilli pan mee. :)


  11. TummyRumble says:

    the most I can handle is one heeping spoon of the chilli.. Anything more and I’ll be shitting fire that night.. haha.. I don’t find anything special about kin kin but my friends will swear by it.. They have been eating at the pandan indah branch at least once a week for the past 4 months..
    .-= TummyRumble´s last blog ..Ngau Lam Mee – Restaurant Chong Loy- Bandar Sunway =-.


  12. eiling says:

    i miss this place! and it’s true loh..i also heard stories about the grumpy owner
    .-= eiling´s last blog ..Kaesler Winemakers Dinner – Westin KL =-.


  13. ciki says:

    i know everyone has their favourites .. but for dry chili pan mee, THIS has got to be my fav still. Wah, don’t talk about the next morning when you s*** fire though.. suffering man LOL!
    anyway, for soup pan mee, cumi & ciki still like seri kembangan, and the other is PJ Old town:D
    .-= ciki´s last blog ..Cilantro =-.


  14. Simon Seow says:

    I just had it last Thursday lol, after that tapaoed Roti Babi from Yut Kee for dinner.
    .-= Simon Seow´s last blog ..Urbanscapes 2010 =-.


  15. jason says:

    Still find that Kin Kin’s version of chilli pan mee is the best, although the service is slow and unpredictable mood of the shop owner… they have a branch in Pandan Indah with air-cond and run by youngsters… the pan mee there pretty good too
    .-= jason´s last blog ..One Night Only The Jaya One Foodcrawl- Final Part – Muse -amp Brussels =-.


  16. babe_kl says:

    been a while since i last came here, this reminds me to drop by soon :D
    .-= babe_kl´s last blog ..Review- pla dib – The Heritage Village =-.


  17. Yes, I’ve tried out Kin Kee chili pan mee before. My stomach felt like burning after eating it.


    Spring Reply:

    Haa,I also


  18. yytellmey says:

    hi, the google map is wrong

    correct Coordinate is: 3°9’38″N 101°41’53″E


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi dear thanks! :)


  19. hui ying says:

    had their pan mee at Pandan Indah branch, service is much more better!


  20. Spring says:

    Very nice ,nothing better than I can say


  21. Lam says:

    hi guys, sorry for dropping into such old post.. just o share , recently i found there is a chili pan mee specialist shop at Ipoh Greeentown… i personally found its the best among ipoh,, and i guess their chili pan mee are more authentic… keep exploring …!!!!



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