Ah Weng Kor Hainanese Coffee @ Imbi Market

    Imbi market, situated a mere stone’s throw from Bukit Bintang, is a gourmet’s paradise. Me and my colleagues often find ourselves here on a Friday morning that it almost become a ritual, all for the love of a cup of thick and frothy Hainanese coffee. We even have the tea stall owner aka 海南仔 hai nan zai’s number. He will reserve a long stretch of table with a “VIP” seating sign placed on top after we ring and inform him that we are coming.

    Glorious Hainanese coffee (RM1.60) with thick frothy foam that sits on top of the coffee. It is said that Hainanese coffee is actually cham with more tea than coffee as a composition. The coffee is aromatic and thick enough to keep me awake for a few hours.
    For the toast, one can opt for the flat bread or the round bun and have the kaya and butter served separately. However, I like mine all nicely slathered with butter and kaya before they served it to you. The ultra thin toast that was slightly browned just hit the spot. It was so light and crispy that the crumbs kept falling from my mouth. I am a messy eater, heh!
    The round bun too, was great. The exterior was crispy while the inside was all soft and fluffy. They are really generous with the fillings, as you can see from the thick slabs of butter.
    Another stall not to be missed is the Sisters’ Crispy Popiah (RM1.80). The popiah stall can be spotted in major shopping malls and there’s even a Sisters’ Cafe in Menara Hap Seng. However, the original stall remains in Imbi Market.
    The popiah is really good, and the quality is consistent because we come here often enough to justify that. Apart from the usual ingredients like shredded yambean, carrots, cucumber, egg and ground peanuts, some crispy bits are added in for some good crunch.
    The chee cheong fun stall located next to Sisters’ has got some really nice fried fu zuk (bean curd) filled with minced pork. I always ask for 混酱 (mixed sauce – curry, sweet sauce, soy sauce) for my chee cheong fun and they always turn out good! My colleagues love the wantan noodles here too. At only RM4.00, the portion was generous with shredded chicken, char siew and wantans. Of course, there are various other stalls selling porridge, char kuey teow, chinese crullers, pastries, nasi lemak, etc under the (zinc) roof. I’m sure it’s enough to tempt you to make a trip here this weekend!


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