Wantan Mee @ Restoran Okay, SS2

    I’m going to blog about one of my favourite wantan mee stall at Restoran Okay, SS2. The appealing nature of the noodles is its crunchy and springy texture. As we stood by and observed, the noodles were blanched for a while and plunged into cold water to ensure a firm and springy texture.

    The noodles were tossed and mixed with the soy sauce gravy which is slightly different from the ones sold elsewhere. The gravy was darker and a bit starchy but it was delicious, nonetheless.
    The wantans were slightly bigger and they never skimp on the meat fillings. We also like the huge siu kow filled with minced prawn and water chestnuts that gave some really crunchy and springy bite to it.

    I will not proclaim it as the best wantan noodles ever, but it is decent enough to warrant multiple visits after you have tried it.

    Hoong Kee wantan noodles stall is opened from 11am till 6-7pm. We also frequent the Fatty Duck stall which is open at night.

    Restoran Okay
    Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya
    (same row as KAYU)


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