Bali Day 1: EAT: Seafood at Jimbaran Bay – SEE: Jalan Legian, Kuta – STAY: Tune Hotel

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    doing some last minute planning at LCCT

    Got our tickets for RM 80 from the Air Asia zero fare sales a year ago and in a blink of an eye, we were all ready for our Bali trip!
    Our driver, Mr. Bagus picked us up from the airport and sent us straight to Jimbaran Beach for dinner. I’ve got a lot of emails asking about Mr. Bagus, so I’ll share my opinions here. You can reach him at <[email protected]>

    The Good:
    Mr. Bagus is very accommodating; just tell him where you want to go and he’s willing to bring you there. He will never persuade or push us to visit those touristy shopping places where he’ll probably get a fair share of comission. The rate that he charged (IDR 300,000/day/car) is quite reasonable because we engaged him for a full day, i.e. 10am to 10pm (depends on our itinerary).

    The Bad
    Mr. Bagus is not a very professional tour guide in the sense that he never walk us through the touristy destination and explain to us the historic value/the story behind it.

    So I’ll leave it for you guys to judge? Another point to keep in mind – it is better to plan your own itinerary and ask for the driver’s opinion because most of the tourist spots are scattered around the island.
    p/s: Don’t be surprised if you see a Mr. Bagus that looks very different from our driver.The whole Bagus family runs the tour hiring services so they might send just anyone from the family. Our driver was Gutstut Bagus. IMG_7257
    Jimbaran Beach is famous for the fresh seafood kiosks that are scattered along the beach. Diners would usually have their dinner with a perfect sun set view over here.
    Patrons can enjoy the romantic dinner with some romantic tunes as well.
    day 1-2
    The guys bought some barbecued corn-on-cob for IDR 10000/RM3.65 to cure our hunger pangs before the food came.
    day 1
    I believe that most of you have heard a lot of horror stories about the cut throat price of a Jimbaran beach dinner. We did some research online and it suggested that the safest bet would be Lia’s or Sharkeys.
    day 1-1
    We took two seafood packages, and portions were huge enough to feed 5-6 people. Most sets come with coconut drink/Bintang Beer, vegetables, soups, salads, sauces and rice.
    Paket A (IDR 180,000/ RM64) – portion for 2 pax
    With 7 pcs of prawns, 6 pcs of clams, 0.5kg fish, 0.5mg squids, their different types of sauces, coconut juice, salad, rice, vegetables & fruits.
    The seafood grilled over a fire of coconut husks rather than charcoal that gave it a delicious smoky flavor.
    Paket C (IDR 290,000/ RM103) – portion for 2 pax
    With 0.5kg lobsters, 0.5kg crabs, 7 pcs of prawns, 6 pcs of clams, their different types of sauces, Bintang beers, salad, rice, vegetables & fruits.
    The prawns were not very fresh and the “lobster” looked more like a crayfish. However, it was quite a decent meal with a reasonable pricing. The various dipping sauces enhanced the flavors of the seafood really well.
    day 1-3
    Just request your driver to drive you to the end of Jalan Pemelisan Agung and Lia’s Cafe is on your right after a two minute walk.

    Phone : 081 – 2390 7411
    OPEN : 9:00AM – 24:00PM
    We then checked into Tune Hotel after dinner. We paid IDR 285000/RM 85 for a double room; inclusive of 12 hours air conditioning, excluding toiletries & towels.

    day 1-4
    We love the good location (6 mins walk from Kuta Beach, within main shopping & dining area of Jalan Pantai Kuta) and the clean, no frills room. Great for the first day of our trip, since we have to rise early on the next day.

    Tune Hotel @ Kuta, Bali
    Jalan Kahyangan Suci (Off Jalan Pantai Kuta),
    Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
    We explored the town for a while before we called it a day.



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