Ichiban Boshi

    It’s official. My favourite mid range Japanese restaurant is Ichiban Boshi.
    I’ve been to the outlets in Esplanade Mall (sg), Novena Square (sg), Pavilion KL and Sunway Giza. The interior of the restaurants emanate a bright and airy feel which reminds me of Sushi Zanmai.

    Patrons can opt to sit by the conveyor belt and watch the sushi go by and pick up the plates they want. We were more often intrigued by the ala carte menu and set meals and chose to be sitted at one of the cozy corner.
    The food was decent and the servings were quite generous. The restaurant never stinge on the ingredients, so we tend to order too much food, overate, and regretted for hours afterwards.
    Having to redeemed numerous california rolls from the Ichiban Boshi reward card, my sister is apparently a fan of Ichiban Boshi too.
    arghhhhh. I’m running out of ideas on what to write as I’m using my lunch break today to work on this post.
    OK, I’m such a lousy flogger because we ate so well we completely forgot to keep the receipts and I can’t really recall what we had and how much was it.
    executive set meal.
    All I can remember is it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg to eat here. If you are craving for some Ichiban Japanese food but the thought of burning a hole in your wallet is holding you back, Ichiban Boshi is the place to go.

    *tata! gonna grab some quick bite now!*

    Ichiban Boshi


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