Blessed Birthday Lunch @ Xiao Fei Yang off Jalan Pudu

    My pre birthday lunch with KampungBoy, Christine, Chris and Ivy was amazing. I am very happy that they did those extra thoughtful gestures to make my birthday meal a memorable one. I am also absolutely delighted by the fact that Xiao Fei Yang is the chosen venue for our rendezvous. I’ve been there twice; all for the love of the comforting and nourishing brew of “má là” 麻辣 hot pot.
    A no-frills, but clean and bright restaurant like Xiao Fei Yang gives me a good vibe. Though located at a hideous part of the city with limited parking space, they were doing brisk businesses.
    We had the signature yuan yang soup base – Herbal Chicken Soup and Ma La Peppercorn Seed Soup. The mala soup base was heavy, oily with liberal use of pepper that creates a numbing and tingling sensation on the tongue. The herbal soup was ordered to counter the spiciness of the ma la soup. Deemed useless anyway, because our lips were all swollen after that.

    We spotted sterilized utensils, which is provided in most restaurants in China. Just like China’s restaurant diners, we were entitled to pay RM1 for each set of utensils used.
    I love these dipping sauces that come with our hotpot. Those spicy and salty dipping sauces gave our hot pot ingredients an extra kick.
    simple appetizer that perks up the palate and appetite.
    The wait staff recommended us some cold dishes to go with the hot pot. We went for the pork belly slices on a bed of greens, tossed in a delightfully refreshing and tangy dressing. The “unidentified” greens from China was fresh and crispy and went well with the salted pork belly slices.
    Another interesting cold dish that we had is saliva chicken. This gross sounding dish is actually very delicious. It derives its name from that fact that it is so delicious that it will make your mouth water.

    Hot Pot Ingredients:


    Other than XFY’s signature sliced lamb, I reckoned that pumpkin, yam, cold tofu (bottom left) and hand made noodles (next picture) are among some of the “must order” ingredients.
    Overall, it was a very satisfying meal where each of us paid about RM 30 for ALL THAT FOOD. Pretty reasonable I would say.

    pictures credit to Chris
    Thank you for the wonderful surprise and cake that you girls put up for my birthday. <3
    I’m a year older, officially. Thank you god for granting all my little birthday secrets last year (secret!!). This year, I will try to live my life to the fullest and to make sure that I love what I am doing. I’m loving my soul mate who is always there for me, my job (except for the daunting professional papers part!) and I love what I do with my food blog, especially.

    I’m blessed, and I hope you are too!

    Xiao Fei Yang restaurant,
    18, Lorong Thambi Dua,
    Pudu, Kuala Lumpur 55100
    Tel: 03-2142-6789‎
    **Branch opened in Damansara Uptown

    Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant


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