Smokehouse @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

    I’ve never been to England but I’m head over heels in love with English Tudor style cottages after my stay in a beautiful tudor style bed & breakfast in Taiwan.

    I’m glad that we have smokehouse here in KL; a cozy restaurant that exudes old English charm. The Smokehouse has came a long way. They started out in Cameron Highlands as Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant and followed by the Ye Olde Smokehouse in Fraser’s Hill. In 1992, The Smokehouse made its debut in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and last year Datuk Woo decided to relocate it to Bangsar.

    Other than traditional English grubs such as beef wellington and yorkshire puddings, the Smokehouse in Bangsar takes pride in their extensive Thai menu. Our first thought was “Thai food in such a beautiful English setting?” but breathed a collective sigh of relief when we found out that their Thai chefs were previously with Rama V. That would give us some quality assurance. 🙂

    The interior of Smokehouse screams beautiful taste.
    Antique audio player, antique mirrors, antique silver,  fancy pottery, glassware, fireplaces and old pictures are to be discovered in every corner of the premise.
    I can just sit here all day, sipping tea and reading a book provided that the fireplace is not lit up (it’s 30 degree Celsius out there!).

    Let’s go to the food part, shall we? The restaurant manager, Dennis recommended Mieng Kam (RM15) to whet our appetite before the mains . The parcels were beautifully presented in shooter glasses. We added a bit of sauce on top, ate it on one bite and let the taste explode in our mouths.
    Grilled Mushrooms with White Wine Sauce – RM15. The mushrooms were made extra flavorful with a little white wine and crushed garlic bits.
    Chor Ladda – RM15. The blue colored flower shaped dumplings were beautifully presented. I loved the sweet-savory taste of the minced chicken and peanut filling but the skin was too thick for my liking.
    Poo Nim Tod – RM18. The crispy soft shell crabs were deep fried to perfection. One bite into these crispy soft shell crabs relinquishes a subtly sweet taste and slightly soft centre.
    We also had some some highly refreshing Hoegaarden for a hot, sticky afternoon.
    “I can haz this beer”
    One of our main courses were the Roast Lamb Shank (RM32). It was incredibly flavorful, succulent and fork-tender.
    Beef Wellington – RM48. It requires a tedious preparation as the beef tenderloin were coated with pâté and duxelles, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. It is a very special dish on its own but I thought the beef was lacked of flavor and texture.
    Roast Sirloin of Steak with Yorkshire Pudding – RM38. Yorkshire Pudding is just so English!! It was light and airy, and the bottom was nice and crispy. The roast sirloin of steak too, was perfectly moist, tender and delicious.
    The Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM28) was one of the crowd’s favorite. The pie filling was so creamy and tasty while the pie crust stayed flaky and crisp. The chef has done his marvel by turning a simple pie into such a beautiful dish.
    Signature Thai style Fried Rice.This delicious Thai fried rice features baby shrimp, shredded egg and bits of chicken as well as some healthy greens. Mix everything together, give it a good stir and enjoy the delicious fried rice.
    Grilled Cod Fish – RM38. This delicious grilled cod was tender and buttery while the skin came out crackly crisp. Absolutely divine!
    a long table feast!
    Smokehouse’s version of Mango with Sticky Rice is top notch! The mango had a firm, velvety flesh and oozing with juice. The sticky rice had a creamy texture around a chewy center and the sesame seed gave it a delicate, aromatic flavor.
    Bombe Alaska (RM28) is an intriguing dessert. The waiter splashed a generous amount of dark rum over the meringue layer of Baked Alaska with ice cream and sponge cake inside. Lights are then turned down and the whole dessert is flambeed while being served. It was deliciously light, not overly sweet and a perfect finish to be meal.
    How could we missed out Smokehouse’s signature afternoon tea set, a three-tiered platter of exquisitely prepared sandwiches, scones and delicate pastries? The scones were light, flavorful and made from real butter. These were amazing! Seriously, the best scones. Try one.
    While there are some misses (and more hits!) in the food that we had, I would still recommend this restaurant to any body who wish to have good food at good prices. Smokehouse is a great place to enlighten your taste buds with traditional British food and desserts, as well as some delectable Thai cuisine.

    The Smokehouse
    67, Jalan Telawi 3,
    Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: +603 2288 1510
    Business hours:
    Weekdays -11am to 12am
    Weekends – 11am to 2am
    (located next to Chawan & Madam Kwan’s)

    The Smokehouse


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