Short Updates on Taiwan

    1. Digital Tour Buddy

    In order to encourage backpackers to make use of Digital Tour Buddy service, from 1st March date to 31st December, 2010,the first 2,010 borrowers will be given NT$100 worth of free calls by the National Youth Commission.

    Excerpt from our previous experience:

    We find the Digital Tour Buddy (consist of a hand set, sim card with talk time of NT200 and phone charger) very useful. It offers 24-hour service and assistance. Besides, it has in-built dictionary function of English-Chinese translation for backpackers enable to communicate without language problems. If the travelers are confused about where to stay or how to approach a local attraction, the English booking system of the youth hostel and the taxies has set up the one-key dials in the Digital Tour Buddy. International backpackers should visit the National Youth Commission’s (NYC) youth travel website, and complete the online booking application form seven days to thirty days before entering Taiwan and bring relevant documents with them, including approved booking forms, passports, passport copies, and one extra valid ID. After leaving a copy of their passport and other ID as deposit, you will be issued with the Digital Tour Buddy.

    2. Yang Ming Shan Flower Festival (cherry blossom!!)


    To ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the Yangmingshan area during the period of the flower festival, Taipei City Government Public Transportation Office (PTO) announced that special flower festival routes are now in operation, helping passengers get to their destinations with the least amount of hassle.

    The 2010 Yangmingshan Flower Festival will last until March 28.

    According to PTO, the seven flower festival routes will operate only on weekends and holidays. The special buses include:

    – Route 126 (Taipei Train Station – YMS Second Parking Lot)

    – Route 127 (MRT Jiantan Station – YMS Second Parking Lot)

    – Route 128 (MRT Shipai Station – Flower Clock Area – YMS Second Parking Lot)

    – Route 129 (MRT Beitou Station – Flower Clock Area – YMS Second Parking Lot)

    – Route 130 (YMS Second Parking Lot – Flower Clock Area – Yangming Shuwu)

    – Route 130 Limited (Flower Clock – Capital Bus Terminal)

    – Route 131 (YMS Second Parking Lot – Flower Clock Area – Yangming Shuwu – Zhuzihu)

    With the exception of route 126 (two-zone fare), all the buses listed above charge single zone fare for the ride.

    However, PTO also reminds visitor to take heed of the operating hours of their buses. For routes 126 and 127, the last bus of the day departs at 4 PM; the last bus for routes 128 and 129 leaves at 5:30 PM; and the last bus for routes 130 and 131 is scheduled for 5:20 PM. To serve revelers enjoying the beauty of flowers in the night, the last bus for route 130 Limited departs at 8 PM.

    On weekdays, visitors can take route 260 (or R5) from either Taipei Train Station or MRT Jiantan Station to Yangmingshan Terminal and take S8 or S9 to the Flower Clock Area or Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot.

    3. Matta Fair 12-14 March 2010

    In collaboration with Taiwan Tourism Board, we’ll be having a sharing session and the details are as follow:

    Date: 13 March 2010

    Time: 2pm & 6pm

    Venue: PWTC

    Free gifts will be given away for the Q&A session. See you there!!


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