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Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, an established name in Kampung Baru since 1973. The brand name is so strong that they have ventured into franchising now, with 12 branches available in Klang Valley and Malacca.

Despite having a bad prior experience that we have decided not to blog about it, we will always give a restaurant a second chance unless it’s a horrible transgression. So we said yes to the invitation from Nazli that represents NLA and we met at the Kota Damansara outlet. The outlet offers a clean, air conditioned and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your lunch or dinner.


Just like the original premise in Kampung Baru, patrons will queue up along the self service kiosk and pick from the various side dishes and condiments.


We started the meal with their signature drinks: Kedondong Juice (RM 3.95) and Assam Boi Juice (RM 3.25)

Nasi Lemak  (RM 2.95). The rice was fragrant and fluffy but the original recipe called for a sweeter variation of sambal. Personally I would prefer my sambal to be spicier and to have more “kick”.

Paru Goreng (RM 3.95). Slightly chewy but with the right texure , it was delicious!

You can never go wrong with Rendang Ayam (RM 4.95) too.

The Mee Goreng (RM 6.95) was done alright but there was a mild alkaline smell that I didn’t like.

NLA’s Cucur Udang (RM 2.50) is one of the clear winner. Fried till golden brown, the prawn fritters were really crispy but not oily at all.

Tahu Sumbat (RM 2.50). Pockets of fried tofu stuffed with vegetables, it makes a nutritious finger food snack

Cokodok Pisang (RM 2.50) was another crowd pleaser. It was crispy with the right amount of mashed banana and flour.

Pisang Goreng ala Bali (RM 4.95). It seems like NLA is doing a good job on sweets. The caramelised bananas makes such a great combination with palm sugar and shredded coconuts. I could just eat this everyday!

We ended the meal with a cup of Muar’s Specialty Coffee. Bliss!

While NLA is not the best that we have ever eaten, we can never deny that NLA has a special place in most KLnite’s heart since 1973. And surprisingly the desserts here really good!

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
No 1-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Opens: Monday to Thursday 8am – 12am
Friday 9am – 2am
Saturday and Public Holiday 8am – 2am
Sunday 8am – 1am

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  1. ai wei says:

    Cokodok Pisang sounds interesting!!!
    gonna meet you guys soon! can’t wait! yay!~
    .-= ai wei´s last blog ..Senjyu Sushi @ e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara =-.


  2. JD says:

    The real stall at Kg Baru still is the best, still remember eating once during my night shift days.


  3. mimid3vils says:

    then I’ll purposely go there eat desserts, weird hor…HAHA!!!

    HAPPY 2010!!!
    .-= mimid3vils´s last blog ..Murni Discovery =-.


  4. yay! another outlet to hit in Kota Damansara… most of the time, I will go to Pappa Rich or Nasi Kandar Kayu for brekkie…


  5. TummyRumble says:

    there’s one at bangsar as well i think :)


  6. TummyRumble says:

    nono, I’m sure there’s one at bangsar.. Jalan Telawi 2 i think.. haha
    .-= TummyRumble´s last blog ..Lunch of Alaskan King Crab, Australian King Crab and more @ Cafe & Restaurant Fresh Unique Seafood 23, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13, Petaling Jaya =-.


  7. Monica says:

    There is a new branch in KK too, but I had a terrible experience there although their Nasi Lemak with Ayam Masak Merah was really not bad.
    .-= Monica´s last blog ..New Year Eve 2010, Kohinoor @ Waterfront and Rumba @ Le Meridien Hotel =-.


  8. James says:

    Tried once in Puchong Jaya. The food was so so only but the price for the food doesn’t worth it.
    They charge 5% service yet we have to self service. I wonder why they charge us that 5%.

    Another thing was they label the drinks RM2.95 but they charged me RM3.45. So it sort of like conning the customers if they are not aware.

    I will not go back there again as their service was really bad. Bad experience.


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