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    New Menu Tasting at Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights. When a glorious invitation as such came by (from our favourite restaurant some more!), we can never say NO. As the purveyors of fine food & wine, Jarrod & Rawlins has been serving only the best food and wines with warm friendly services for the past decade.  We were so excited about the new menu, knowing that it will only get better and tastier.

    Ivy, Christine, Chris, Rebecca, Cheng Yi and us were among the fortunate bunch.


    We walked past the delicatessen counters (deli counters) stocked with selected quality cheeses charcuterie, meats and antipasti from across the world as we entered the restaurant. Take your pick and the wait staffs working behind the deli counter will weight them accordingly. For cooking, side dishes and sauce, J&R is charging RM12 per pax.


    While we were lazing about in the room, little did we know that a huge feast is awaiting us. Let’s have a look at the food, shall we?

    Smoked Duck Salad * – RM26
    Calamari Salad * – RM18
    Smoked Salmon & Avocado Panini * – RM24
    Salami, Serrano Ham, Lettuce & Tomato Ciabatta * (Custom-made*)
    Roast Pork (Priced by weight at Deli counter **)
    Organic Chicken Liver Paté (made with Sherry & Cognac) RM19.50


    Smoked Duck Salad. This simple salad is a study in balance – smoky and moist tender smoked duck, fresh and crisp greens and pine nuts with a light and nutty tang. Utterly delicious!

    J&R’s calamari salad was equally impressive.  The tender and piquant calamaris were perfectly cooked and the dressing was slightly tangy.Who says vegetables are boring?

    a closer look.

    Smoked Salmon & Avocado Panini. The panini was on the dry side, but I did like the freshness of the ingredients.

    Salami, Serrano Ham, Lettuce & Tomato Ciabatta. The freshly prepared ciabatta was delicious. I really liked the salami and serrano ham and the lettuce and tomato was a nice additon of flavor and contrast of textures.

    a closer look.

    Organic Chicken Liver Paté (made with Sherry & Cognac). The pate was velvety and smooth-textured, and there was a definite fruit sweetness from the sherry. Innards never tasted so good!

    While J&R’s roasted pork is done right with crispy skin and tender meat, I still like the siu mei version better.

    As we were rubbing our tummies and bemoaned how terribly full we were, Elaine said,”Wait! There’s more to come!”. *faint*

    Main Courses:
    Pork Cumberland & Dynamite Sausage (Served with Mashed Potato & Gravy **) – Priced by weight at Deli counter**
    Alaskan Seabass served with side salad – RM16 /100 grams**
    Serrano Ham & Bacon Pasta with Dried Chili & Olive Oil – RM32
    Hickory Baby-Back Ribs – RM12 /100 grams**
    T-Bone Steak (discontinued)

    Pork Cumberland & Dynamite Sausage (Served with Mashed Potato & Gravy). Cumberland sausage was made with roughly chopped meat and a generous sprinkling of herbs and pepper. It was tasty but nothing beats Dynamite Sausage! Made with chopped pork and CILI PADI, watch out for the chilli kick that comes after you taste this!

    a closer look.

    Alaskan Seabass served with side salad. I absolutely adore sea bass especially those with high fat content. Done just right, the skin was crispy and the flesh was so amazingly tender and full of flavor.

    T Bone Steak (discontinued)

    a closer look.

    Serrano Ham & Bacon Pasta with Dried Chili & Olive Oil. The pasta sauce was a tad too sour for my liking but the rest seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

    Hickory Baby-Back Ribs. It was perfect – moist, full of smoky flavor and finger smackingly delicious! And the charred bits along the edges are a smoky treat. Yummy!

    Five huge slabs of baby back ribs for a little over RM100; not too bad huh?

    Assorted Cheese Platter (Select at Deli counter). From plain cheese to smoked cheese, blue cheese and goat’s cheese, feel free to select from the deli counter.


    Last but not least, desserts from the Just Heavenly Pleasure’s chaps. Cheese & Chocolate Cake (RM14.50 /slice)

    JHP’s signature – Death by Chocolate (RM14.50 /slice)

    (*)On top of our delicious selection of sandwiches and salads, Jarrod & Rawlins now gives you the freedom to customize your own. Please ask your server for the Make-Your-Own-Salad and Sandwich menus.
    (**)Jarrod & Rawlins charges just RM12 for cooking service, sauce & side dish.

    Jarrod & Rawlins Damansara Heights
    No. 6, Lorong Dungun
    Damansara Heights
    50480 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 2093 0708
    Fax: +603 2095 3221
    Email: [email protected]

    Other available outlets include Desa Sri Hartamas, Ampwalk & Capsquare.

    Please feel free to visit their WEBSITE and join their FACEBOOK GROUP for more infos on current & upcoming events & promotions.


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