Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria Damansara

    Sorry for the hiatus. I just came back from a short holiday in Bangkok & Pattaya. Should I blog about Bangkok? 🙂

    We have always been passing by Betty’s Midwest Kitchen and it is alway seen with a good crowd. “Famous ar?”, asked KampungBoy.  “I really have no idea.” I answered with a shrug. However, reviews on Betty’s Midwest Kitchen from Food4Thot and The Normad Gourmand have further ignited our interest  so we decided to pop in for early lunch.

    We were there really early to we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. However, it is advisable to book for lunch and dinner as capacity in the restaurant is limited.


    Betty’s Midwest Kitchen is a family run restaurant. Betty, the chef, picked up the recipes from her daughter who is married to an American and lives in Iowa for years. Oh, and did I tell you that it is all about porky goodness?

    The Midwest region of the United States consists of the states in the center of the country, east of the Rocky Mountains. States considered part of the Midwest are North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.

    Midwest of America = “Heartland” of America.

    Foods of the Midwest are considered to be simple and hearty. Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and eggs, are common ingredients in Midwest cooking. Main dishes may include roasts, stews, and dishes made from trout and whitefish. Rice is used in many side dishes and desserts. Wheat bread and cornbread typically accompany meals. Seasoning with spices is generally mild, and fresh herbs such as dill, parsley, and sage may be used to flavor a dish.
    (information from


    Homemade Lemonade (RM2.50)

    I had the sloppy joe (RM 12.90), a dish of ground pork, onions, sweetened tomato sauce or ketchup and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun. Just spoon the sloppy joe mixture on buns and start to bite away. True to it’s name,  it is messy and usually a challenge to eat the Sloppy Joe but it is a wonderfully delicious comfort food.

    The Classical MidWest style Meatloaf, RM15.00, served with mash, peas and onions relish is their signature dish other than the famed Country Fried Chicken.

    It was firm, but juicy and did not break apart when we sliced it. Only gripe I had was the excessive salt levels in it but Betty’s husband explained to us that the original recipe calls for it. Needless to say, everything was amazing, the meatloaf was juicy and flavorful, the mash potatoes was rich and silky and the peas were sweet and starchy unlike the frozen version.

    The menu was sufficiently interesting and the food was good enough to warrant a second visit.


    • Ming Na says:

      Even the meat loaf is baked in the oven for more than half an hour but it remains juicy and succulent… I just love it…

    • Miu says:

      I like family type restaurants, u can feel the warmth in the food they prepare. Hmm shall give this one a try when i drop by around that area.

    • Jess says:

      yes yes please blog about bangkok , where to find yummy food !!! I am going Bangkok and Pattaya next week !!!

    • SimpleGirl says:

      rich food huh…..but I love the ambiance more…nice deco

    • JD says:

      Something different from the normal Tony Roma’s and Chilli’s. Will give it a try soon.

    • Bangkok post please.. so next time I know where to go 🙂
      I’d go anywhere where there’s anything to do with porky…

    • Rachel says:

      Should try their Ribs…and maybe the Juice Lucy (Burger)….

    • Ciki says:

      looks delicious .. trust u guys to find all the right places..;)

    • ai wei says:

      sloppy joe is looking juicy. so does the Classical MidWest style Meatloaf. all about pork??? hope to drag christine over for that.

    • Christine says:

      blog about bangkok dear!!
      this place looks good wo… where is aman suria btw? ;P haha

    • taufulou says:

      niceee…~ americian dish~ some more you can go for 2nd visit ah..
      great great~

    • Jules says:

      You missed out Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

    • elaine says:

      Had a bad dining experience there.
      Went there last night with 3 friends to have a try on the food since everyone gave them thumbs up. When I reached there around 6.30pm, only 1 table was occupied. Guess I was early for dinner. I was impressed by the shop deco and the menu they offer. While waiting for the food, more people came and finally every table was filled up.

      While we are trying to push all the food inside our terribly full tummy, the daughter kept asking us “Any further order?” She asked that every 5 minutes. So annoying! She even cleared the empty plate without asking. Then it started to run heavily outside. My friend ordered a basket of fries, cheese rounds and 4 bottles of Budweiser while waiting for rain to stop. The girl kept staring at us as the signal to leave the table as there are people waiting to be seated. We ignored as we believe customers always have the right and we still haven’t finish our food. Finally the girl came over our table and asked, “can I clear your table?” and we are shocked as we still have half basket of fries and we haven’t finish our beer. Can you imagine that? She was trying to shoo us away. We was so angry! How can she do that to customer? So we just pay the bill and swear will never go back there again. Never ever! Disappointed with her PR skill.

    • Kevin Woon says:


      I’ve noticed that you’ve been spreading your reviews all over the blogosphere! Would like to clarify that we dont have a ‘daughter’ as a service staff as my sister is a pathologist in the states.

      Staff are instructed to clear tables of food items that are done. My staff assumed you were done with the fries and asked politely if she could clear your table. It was not an instruction. I fail to see why you would be angry at a polite question. Perhaps you are more used to other alternative methods?… See More

      Another thing is that we are very strict with our closing door policies as Mr and Mrs Woon are not young and can get quite tired after a long busy day so we would close on time.

      May I remind you that we are a restaurant and not a bar. We appreciate your efforts in spreading your word to everyone but I’d just love to clarify some mistakes that you made.

      PS: For someone who swears not to come back you are putting out a lot of PR for us. Thank you!

      Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

      • DenDeViL666 says:

        Well if you consider this as a correct way to treat your customer, i’ve got nothing to say. I do have the same blardy service as what she had. so you call it as your dunno what close door policy shit? if you guys do it right, do you really think that you’ll get such a remark? please reconsider your actions before placing your comments in here.. thanks!

    • Ryan Lee says:

      Has a very bad dining experience yesterday. Is was my friend birthday and after reading so many good review decided to try the restaurant. The food is good but the PR skill is bad except for their father. Their son and a girl are very arrogant and rude never apologies for their mistake. Expect customer to understand their situation just because full house there make mistake. One of my friend ended up with no food even thought we order it earlier and there never told us that dish finish until we keep asking, This is the 1st and last time Me and my friend is visiting this placed.

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