A RM64 Room Make Over!


    Don’t feel like spending a few dollars to spruce up a boring room? A simple make over on an accent wall can help to jazz up your space which I gladly did. And in my case, I spent only RM64!

    Here’s How

    Step 1 – Select the Right Colour for Your Room

    The first step for DIY room painting is to select the right colour. Need help from the professional? Just click on the colour scheme help in http://www.nipponpaint.com.my. Follow the steps to get personalised support form their professional colour consultant.

    What you’ll need:

    Nippon Odour-less premium all in 1 (colour: Zinnia Ruffles 7124T: RM58)

    paint brush:Rm2.70 (for finishing)

    masking tape:RM1.50

    manila card:RM1.6



    2)prepare the walls for painting

    Inspect the wall surfaces for cracks, holes and any loose plaster. If necessary, repaint the wall for a nice smooth finishing. You can view Nippon Paint’s range of high quality paint for interior wall here.


    3) Print/draw the desired decorative wall graphics in a variety of sizes and shapes.  These can uniquely spruce up your space and bring in new atmosphere.


    4) Paste the print outs in a piece of manila card and cut the stencil using blade over a cutting mat.


    5) Remove curtains and fixtures, place all furnishings in the middle of the room and cover with dustsheets. Be sure to cover and protect the edges of tiles by masking it with newspapers.


    meet my lil’ assistant. I made the paper hat, cute eh??

    6) Stick the stencil onto the wall using a masking tape and press firmly. dip the sponge onto the paint and dab off excess paint. Stripple the paint through the stencil evenly. remember to use the least sticky masking tape that won’t leave a sticky residue on surfaces, and it’s easy to remove when the job is complete.

    nippon paint make over

    painting is so much fun!


    taaadaaaa! the finished product!


    Actually I felt quite accomplished that I did it with minimal mishaps (I nearly knocked over the paint bucket but my sis saved me! phew!). The rooms look gorgeous and new! I’ve never thought that it would be so fun and so easy!


    For more DIY ideas, please visit Nippon Paint’s website and look for creative wall painting.


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