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Tim Pan Kor Kor, a new addition to the already happening row of shop lot in SS2 besides KTZ (reviews here & here), Sanbanto & A Little Dim Sum Place.  We were there with the sweet duo, Christine and Chris on a relatively quiet weekday night but the place was crowded. A good sign that the food must be good? Apparently not.

We tried their signature Mango Hor Fun on our previous visit to their Kepong outlet, so we settled for Mango Cheong Fun (RM 8) instead. Enticing? The “fun” is actually some coconut flavored jelly that gave a nice and bouncy bite, a nice contrast to the juicy and meltingly soft flesh of those mango cubes.

a closer look

The Walnut & Peanut Sweet Soup 核桃露 + 花生糊 (RM3.50) was rich, creamy and aromatic but the Black Sesame Sweet Soup & Rice Balls 芝麻糊 + 汤丸 (RM 4) gave a weird bitter after taste.

My Sago with Watermelon 西瓜西米露 (RM5) was nowhere near KTZ’s version.
tim pun gor gor-1

Our order of Mango Pancake (RM3.50 per piece) was a huge let down. The skin was too thick, and it was overladen with cream instead of mangoes.
tim pun gor gor

Durian Pancake (RM4 per piece). Again, overwhelming amount of cream. I want my durian please.

While Tim Pan Gor Gor is good with their signature dessert such as Mango Hor Fun and Mango Cheong Fun, there remains considerable room for improvement for the other items. However, it was just my personal opinion and I do not defer anyone from visiting them ;p.

Tim Pan Gor Gor
No: 36, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/63
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor D.E.

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  1. J2Kfm says:

    kinda disappointing affair huh?
    makes me wonder, is this run by the same group of people running the Kepong outlet, or a franchise of sorts?
    for the difference seems obvious.


  2. Gallivanter says:



  3. Christine says:

    dear i wanna try the mango kuey teow next time :)


  4. ai wei says:

    where was i??? huhhuuuuu… at home viewing 3G, looking at what you guys eat… ><


  5. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    I tried the desserts last week…and didn’t like any of them. The tong suis tasted like plastic! >(


  6. SimpleGirl says:

    not easy to get authentic Hong Kong dessert huh? reminds me of mun kei dessert in HK, the mango sago with taufu fah was superb!!!


    Astro boy Reply:

    Yes , Authentic HK not easy to get in Malaysia , especially those self claime
    HK dessert shops. But not too worry .. i heard from my friend Lucky dessert , one of the
    famous dessert in HK (equal par) with Mun Kei food are coming to town. you may check out for more details.


  7. cariso says:

    The hor fun looks interesting. :)


  8. Huai Bin says:

    Yeah, I’ve been here before. I was a bit drunk though so I can’t remember specifics. >.<


  9. dileen says:

    i can’t believe i’m actually salivating over my laptop now! LOL! looks darn good but i guess i should skip the Mango Pancake. hate overly creamy stuff. yuck!


  10. xin says:

    i went there once, i ordered ONE durian pancake then just served me 2! felt so cheated, and i think the pancake was just eeeee with all the cream. hmm dont think i will go back there again anytime soon


  11. Vivien says:

    i don’t like their dessert too, had it in kepong branch…. wanting to try honeymoon dessert, heard they are good


  12. moon says:

    i bumped into you guys that night. you guys look pro. :)


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    moon: u should say hi. i shy la


  13. kl_sadguy says:

    Errr….actually just personally thinking,ok.

    Foods quality totally unacceptable ler…
    Try twice and 2 times also dissaponinted,maybe my lidah sudah ada itu kulat qua.

    Hi Vivien,

    Heard that u wan to try Honeymoon,pls think twice..


  14. Jessie says:

    i been there many times, i personally think that the tong shui there is superb, much better than taiwanese dessert store like snowflake.


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