Nippon Paint Workshop – All About Colours!


    Meet Iza, the pretty mummy and Miu from Plus Size Kitten. I love reading about all her lil’ misadventures at those warehouse sales where we girls go ohh and ahh. Guys can never understand the thrill of fighting with thousands of other desperate woman and the triumphant moment of securing a discounted item that everyone else is eyeing.

    OK. enough of that already.

    Few weeks back, I attended a workshop organized by Nippon Paint together with some other  bloggers. Little did I know that it’s going to be a such a fun and insightful event. We  got our hands on doing some swirls and patterns with Nippon Paint. Let’s just say that we are better off blogging, except for the few talented ones. :p

    yummy colours.


    reminds me of a make up kiosk.

    Would you love to sample some colours before the actual painting? Buy a colours tester at a small cost and get a RM5 discount coupon.

    Ancient Chinese sage Confucius once said: He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.

    nippon paint

    The workshop started off with a brief presentation by Miss Gladys from Nippon Paint. Had you guys watched the Nippon Paint Blobby advertisement? The blobbies painted the town red, and yellow, and blue, and purple. Soooooo cute!
    nippon paint1

    Apart from that, Miss Gladys also explained about the emotions of colours and how colours contrast or complement each other. For example, Pink is a soothing colour but it tends to represent physical weakness at the same time.
    nippon paint3

    Before you start painting, you should not forget about applying the right coats underneath. Sealers, primers and undercoats will bring out the full beauty of your paint job, while ensuring durability and long-lasting protection.

    Too complicated to comprehend? A typical example would be a woman’s make up routine. Sealer is just like a moisturizer, it tends to act as a protective layer while ensuring adhesion to the surface. Primer is our base coat, it helps to bind subsequent coats to the surface while undercoat is our foundation. It prepares the surface for the finishing coat while brings out the colour of the paint. And the last step is to choose your eye shadow or paint carefully.

    (information from Nippon Paint)

    It’s time to get our hands dirty! I really do not know where to start from, with gooped-up hands I chose the right colour and right-size brush for the job. Gisele from Nippon Paint suggested a framed painting with some flowers in it. First, I need to cut the sponge into the shape of a tulip and I did a pretty good job!

    Next,  apply paint in a conservatively thin but even coat on the sponge.

    dab dab dab

    The monotone scheme is boring, so I added in some blue tulips (err, if it looks like tulips to you).

    And voila! My finished art piece! Never knew that painting is so fun and easy!

    Look at the mess that I have created.
    With the help of a professional from Nippon Paint, painting is fun! Thanks Gisele!

    The sweet Farah with her sweet master piece.
    Iza in deep concentration

    “Have your cheese and eat it too” from Ringo. Very cute!

    Huai Bin‘s master piece has its own unique fan base too.
    nippon paint1-1

    And everyone else’s. From top left: Ms. Gladys Goh,  KY,  Red Mummy,  Cindy,  Ceera,  Miu,  Beautiful Nara,  Nicole (WIP), Beautiful Nara’s sister


    The Obligatory Group Picture 🙂

    Picture source  1,  2 , 3,  4

    Apart from that, I plan to make a dramatic change in the look of my room by making over an accent wall with some strokes and patterns. I want to introduce a solid color block into my space and I’ve done some research online. What do you guys think about the designs?


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