LuoDong Night Market 罗东夜市 @ LuoDong, Yilan County

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So we sneaked out from our beautiful B&B – Rothenburg Lodge to visit LuoDong’s night market located at the center of Luodong Township and around Zhongshan Park in Yilan County.

Mr. Hsu stopped us at 鸭喜露 (Ya Xi Lou), a very famous “braised product specialist” in LuoDong.

We bought some braised duck’s carcass, duck’s tongue, duck’s feet, duck’s intestine, duck’s neck and unhatched eggs, all for a total of NT380 (RM 40)! Never knew that duck’s tongue is so astonishingly expensive at NT200 for every 100g. However, the owner was so amazed when he found out that we are actually Malaysian, and able to fully converse in Mandarin. So he gave us some discounts and even freebies! I can’t say enough about Taiwanese hospitality!

We brought everything back for supper. Sweet, salty with a smokey taste, it makes a great beer snack.

Ya Xi Lu 鴨喜露肉品專家
羅東博愛住院大樓地下道前二家 (sorry, can’t seem to find the address in English)

From Ya Xi Lu, we walked to LuoDong Night Market. It is such a vibrant and lively night market selling all kind of food and clothing. It’s even better than some of the famous night markets in Taipei. The shopping is really great over here; trendy along with a very affordable price tag.


Getting Here: Take a train to the Luodong Railway Station, transfer to Yising Bus and get off at Gongyuan Rd. Alternatively, upon exiting the station walk straight down Gongjheng Rd., turn left on Jhongjeng Rd., make a right on Mincyuan Rd., and continue on to Jhongshan Park.

On top of that, we managed to try almost everything that comes highly recommended by Mr Hsu, our B&B owner. Let’s see what we have eaten?

#1 Long Feng Drumstick (龙凤腿)

Long Feng Drumstick is a very well known snack in Yilan.

It looks like a drumstick, but it is actually ground meat and minced seafood wrapped in zhuwangyou (猪网油, what is it in English?)and deep fried till golden brown. With a touch of lardy grease, it is a very very sinful treat!


zhuwangyou – gross but so yummy! (pic form

#2 YiFeng Green Onion Pancake 义丰葱油派

Long lines are often seen at YiFeng because their green onion pancake is exceptionally crispy. Using only the famous green onions from SanSing, the pancake were so delicious!!

p/s: the auntie very fierce one! she scolded me for couldn’t understand Hokkien. T____T


the tambah telur version (NT30, NT12 without egg). yum!

#3 Dong Shan Duck’s Head 东山鸭头

the famous Dong Shan Duck’s Head from Tainan (South Taiwan)

Lining up in the hall of fame with Dongshan’s duck head and ribs – make your pick!

#4 Angelica Lamb Soup 当归羊肉汤

Our nose nearly bleed from having such a nutritious soup on a hot summer day but it was worth it!

Angelica (danggui) Lamb Soup (NT50). It works really well in soothing our body and nourishing our appetite. The soup tasted really good too – the clear soup had a pleasant flavor and aroma of chinese herbs and the tender lamb strips did not have a gamey smell or taste to it.

Stinky Tofu (NT50) – the best that I’ve ever eaten! You can’t really smell it but a symphony of flavors will just explode in yourmouth! I was shocked the moment I put em’ in my mouth but I love the surprise element!

#5 Xiao Chun 3 Star Fried Pork 小春三星扑肉

This particular stall is using a digital numbering system to control the overwhelming crowd, don’t play play.

One of their famous item is 3 star fried pork 三星扑肉 (NT50). Specially selected pork bellies were cut into strips, then coated with their secret batter and deep fried, the pork strips were crispy outside and tender inside.

Very addictive stuff!

糕渣 gao zha – something that I’ve not heard or seen of.


Gao zha, with it’s cool exterior and piping hot interior, is seen as a signature dish that represents people from YiLan. Gao zha is made from a mixture of chicken breast cooked in superior soup minced pork, shrimps, chicken stock and flour. The mixture is then stew and stir over slow fire for an hour, then cooled and coagulated. Finally, cut em into small pieces and deep fried till golden brown.

#6 Green Onion Cake 葱油派

We couldn’t resist having another green onion pancake after seeing the fresh batch of green onions in a beautiful hue of emerald green having just arrived.
ultra thin skin with fillings on the verge of bursting. yummmmmmm

love the jovial stall vendors.

Their green onion pancakes were perfect–light, thin, crispy enough, and just the right degree of saltiness.

Ending the post with a picture of adorable kids.

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  • Huai Bin says:

    Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s so much stuff I haven’t tried here. I love the weird ones like duck tongue, duck carcass, duck head etc etc. The long feng drumstick looks good too – is that some kind of bacon wrapping?

    Haha! Why the auntie so fierce one? BTW, tai yu and Hokkien are quite similar if you can speak one, you can understand the other.

  • haha glad that these “exotic” stuff are really yarmieeeee

    i think she speaks tai yu, but i can’t understand a word. i wonder y, becoz i have no problem ordering my food in penang with my broken hokkie. T______T

  • Huai Bin says:

    Ya it looks so good! Okay, I shall try out the lard net thing in my next cooking experiment! =D

    Hmm…maybe it was just a bad day for her. 😉

  • J2Kfm says:

    wah … so much to binge on, in a matter of hours?
    hou yeah woh … 😉
    almost like a marathon of street food.
    though i’ve taken a liking to green onion pancakes myself, constantly on the search for them here.

  • ai wei says:

    i <3 street food.

    hungry larrr.. how come the night market here dun have such a wide variety ?!

  • lsheryl says:

    Hi, KampungBoyCityGal! Stumbled across your blog. You two are just too cute!

  • Christine says:

    think i can’t control myself if I ever visit taiwan again ;P the grounded meat with zhuyaowong… sinful.. haha. OOOO….. sexy back dear!! :)

  • lsheryl: hahaha tq so much. we r just stupid sometimes

  • Eric says:

    do you recommend us to put up a stay at luodong or back to taipei for a day’s trip here?

  • if u have plenty of time to spare, yes. if not it will be a bit rush :)

  • Kitty says:

    Hi..i’m going to Taiwan this Nov..and plan to stay a nite at Yilan..can u recommend activities to do in yilan besides eating good food?

    is there any tour bus or one day tour available in yilan?
    pls help to advise..

    btw, the B&B owner brought you guys tour around for free or may I know how much he charge?

    thank you thank you so much!!

  • hi kitty. yeah of coz. u can go for whale watching (seasonal) or visit the gui san dao (tortoise mountain island), or go to the art village (near to the minsu). u can communicate with the owner beforehand, for places nearby its FOC

  • Lin says:

    Hi Kampong boy & City Gal,

    Thank you so much for your detailed sharing here …love the way you describe everything :)

    Btw can i have the soft copy of the handbook as i am gg in coming Nov :)

    Thanks again.

  • Joan says:


    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I was clueless how to plan my 6D5N trip until I saw your blog.
    I would like to ask you how long did you take to travel from RuiFang Station to Luodong station? and from Luodong to Taipei Station ?

  • hi joan, it takes about an hour :) . i depart from rueifang because we went to jiufen

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the reply. I m going to jiufen next week.. Instead of staying in Luodong, I have decided to spend 1 night at Jiaosi. From there I will take a train to Luodong night market. Looking at the food you posted, die die I must go to Luodong night market. Thanks again for sharing here.

  • wow that was great dear! jiaosi is famous for hotspring :). yes luodong is worth visiting, rmb to eat the spring onion bing, mutton soup and stinky tofu :)

  • Ervin says:

    Hello folks,

    I like to ask how far is the rothenburg lodge from the Luodong night market.
    Do you take taxi or stroll walk to the night market?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi ervin, its about 10 min drive. we asked rottenburg owner to send us and pick us, they are really nice, so try asking

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