Su’s Cakes for Kicks


    Hello everyone! While you may be dreading the thought of getting back to the daily grind and wading through the 200 plus emails sent to you, here’s some sweet treat to cheer you up!

    Not too long ago, I received some goodies from Cakes for Kicks. It comes with a very beautiful packaging and finished with lovely blue ribbons. Cakes for Kicks is a home based cake establishment run by a humble husband and wife (Su-Mene) team. Su-Mene was trained as a lawyer before starting her own home bakery and made it big.

    We left the durian cheesecake (RM 75 for 1.4 kg) sitting in the fridge for a while and it turned out to be amazingly delicious and it had a creamy melt in your mouth feeling. I love biting on the bits of pungent smell and slightly sweet flesh of durian too. The slice of heaven may look plain but the bright burst of flavors might surprise you!

    Moist, delicious and light, Su’s carrot cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and glazed walnuts (RM 85 for 1.5 kg) is a clear winner too. Only gripe was that the cream cheese frosting was too sweet for my liking.

    Ah, such delicious cakes made with love!


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