Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris Mont Kiara


    How time flies! It is almost a year now since the last farewell dinner for Chris, Christine and Sugar Bean where we vowed to meet again for the coming years.

    Since everyone is back again and we were eager to share with each other some of the stories that we had, the gang has decided to meet up at  Ole Ole Bali, Solaris Mont Kiara.

    A lil booklet, a picture of us and a personal message for everyone. It’s a really sweet gesture of Chris and Christine. Thanks for putting the effort forth, we’ll treasure them just like how we cherish the friendship between us.


    Ole Ole Bali is a Balinese themed restaurant (duh!) that serves authentic Balinese cuisine and also a small selection of Western food.

    The interior of the restaurant features many arts and crafts, decorations and handicrafts made with Buddha theme.

    A mixture of wooden interior and exterior with beautiful Balinese artifacts compliment the Balinese theme very well.

    One can choose to dine on the outdoor patio with long woden benches and soft pillows or inside the air-conditioned room.

    paying full attention to our conversations because we are gossiping :p

    Barley Lime (RM 35 a jug). It is a very refreshing drink to beat the heat.

    The other day, KampungBoy mentioned Gado Gado whilw we were eating ayam penyet so it was fresh in my mind and I was now craving it, but it was no where to be found. We chose Tipak Cantuk (RM13) instead. The ingredients are almost simiar to gado gado (blanched vegetables, fried tofu, tempeh, hard boiled egg), but we find it rather lackluster because the peanut sauce dressing was too sweet.

    Nasi Campur Ole Ole. For RM30, this huge meal includes Balinese grilled lemongrass prawns, squid, choice of beef or chicken rendang, sate lilit, with a serving of lawar, sambal terasi and sambal matah.

    We enjoyed our nasi campur tremendously; the sate lilit was explosively flavorful, the tender and delicious grilled squids have a good hint of smoking char and the rendang was very moist and delicious. The only gripe I have is the not so fresh prawns with soft and mushy texture.
    ole ole bali

    Ole Ole Trio platter (RM38) is  combo of sate lilit, cumi cumi goreng and grilled chicken wings. We had no complaints on this too, everything was wonderful.

    Let’s look at the attendees this year, shall we?

    We got a replacement for Esiong who was still stuck at Cardiff.
    Esiong gave Wen Ching a peek on the cheek. :*)

    Chris, returns looking better than ever

    The same ol’ kampungboy

    And the girls who dressed accordance to the (Balinese) theme – Citygal, Wen Ching, Christine & Ivy

    Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake, made with love by Ivy. That woman woke up at 5am just to bake us a cake! It was just as delicious as the one from the store. Thank you so much girl!

    p/s: Ivy is still single and available! She can make you omfg-ly delicious cheesecake everyday!

    Don’t you think you meet the most wonderful people from blogging? From makan kakis to hang out buddies to soul mates, we were really glad to have friends like you guys.

    Ole Ole Bali
    J-0G-15 & J-0G-16 SOHO KL,
    Solaris Mont Kiara,
    Kuala Lumpur


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