Non Halal Italian Food @ Buonasera, SS2



Welcome to Buonasera, your friendly neighbourbood restaurant. Please let us usher you.

Haha. We were seated at such an awkward place while waiting for a vacant table but we were OK with that. This shows how busy is the restaurant on a Saturday night (always a good sign). Nonetheless we waited seemingly patiently until we were finally called.

We started off with Minestrone soup (RM11.90), a thick Italian soup with whatever vegetables in season. I wasn’t too impressed because it has a lumpy texture rather than a smooth consistency. It’s just me because kampungboy begs to differ.

Prosciutto melon (RM28.90). You can’t go wrong with thin dry-cured ham and sweet, ripe melon wedges. A match made in heaven!

Pork snitzel parmigiana (RM27.90). Snitzel means a cutlet without bones; which make eating a bliss. Topped with Italian tomato sauce, it is a unique combination that makes you yearn for more.

Italian pork sausages (RM26.90). Again, you can’t go wrong with good quality gourmet sausages. It has a hearty flavour with a bacony flavour mixed with spices. Delicious!

However, Buoasera’s signature Free Range Rosemary Chicken (RM27.90) causes disappointment. The piece of chicken came out too dry and they’ve overdone the salt.

After a while, the chef came out from the kicthen and mingles with his guests. He used to work with Pizza Uno, and now he is running some pastas and desserts classes at the Cooking House.

We were filled to the brim but after much persuasion from Chef Enzo, we are having THREE desserts to end the meal. The first dessert was Mixed berry zabaglione (RM16.90), a mixed berry sorbet drizzled with some Italian egg custard made of egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine. This is a very attractive looking dessert and is absolutely delicious!

Dessert No. 2 – Sticky Date Pudding (RM14.90) is to die for! Served with a very rich and sinful butterscotch sauce, this is not a dessert for dieters.

Last but not least, the tiramisu (14.90) was decent but personally I like more assertive mascarpone and a bit more alcohol.

With only some minor quirks here and there, Buonasera is still a decent place to go for some authentic home cooked Italian food. The pork dishes fare better and the desserts are to die for!

42, Jalan SS 2/66
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03-7877 8586
(non halal. same row as Nam Heong and Hoppy Duck)

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  1. J2Kfm says:

    LOL. at 1st glance i also tot why so funny you were seated in front of the door.
    didnt realise that’s the waiting area.
    all porky goodness, and the tiramisu shot looks surreal. almost overflowing.


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    love the presentation of the food and no MSG concept….


  3. Buonasera sure is lucky to have two lovely ladies being the first to usher in any guests that night! Business must have shot up through the roof! :)


  4. ai wei says:

    this itallian place sounds good werrr…
    and that Mixed berry zabaglione looks interesting!!! :)


  5. foodbin says:

    everything looks so perfect and delicious.


  6. Christine says:

    those italian pork sausages got my tummy rumbling now dear! :)
    and the Mixed berry zabaglione looks pretty!


  7. Fann says:

    look so yummy~


  8. james: haha they ought to be pay me for being the “sang jiu pai”

    simple girl: yeah their selling point

    kenny: more like scaring the patrons away ;p

    aiwei: bila bila

    foodbin: with some hits n misses

    christine: can try out the recipes at ur place

    fann: yeah gota try the desserts


  9. Tummythoz says:

    Interesting shot of the tiramisu from the top!


  10. The prices are indeed high. But my my ..marsala wine? I must go try tht dessert di!
    I dont like sorbet ..wonder if they can sub with soemthing else..


  11. rokh says: come i did not notice this place before in ss2…shall try one day :)


  12. Corinne says:

    Not complaining abt the quality of the food but the main course portions are amazingly measly. Bearing in mind that my pasta dish contained no meat or seafood, the least they could have done was put in more spaghetti, I finished my pasta in less than 5 mouthfuls, don’t mind the prices if the portions were more reasonable but even a kid wouldn’t have been full with the amount served. Really didn’t feel like ordering anything else after seeing the size of the supposed main courses.


  13. AndyTan says:

    Average italian fare only….but severely overpriced.
    Dinner for 2 will set you back RM300 for a starter + 1 glass of cheap wine + basic main + dessert.
    Way over priced for that cheap plastic chair and zero ambience restaurant.
    Not recommended unless you are desperate.


  14. Pieism says:

    Worse prosciutto melon I have ever had! The parma ham (which is supposed to be pink in color) came out almost a deep red. It was sliced thicker than it should be & there was too much fats on the cut. I suspect the ham was stale too. It tasted like leftovers. I am extremely disappointed.



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