Meng Kee Char Siew (明记叉烧王) at Glenmarie, Shah Alam


    UPDATE: Meng Kee @ Tengkat Tung Shun has been reallocated to Jalan Alor (next to Hotel Nova).

    For those staying around Subang and Shah Alam, you can always get your char siu fix at the branch in Glenmarie without beating the traffic into the city.

    Having received much press coverage; Meng Kee is still a no frills and humble little eating establishment with minimal renovation. Good food matters right?

    Meng Kee’s oily rice is flavorful but I find it rather wet and lumpy.

    Unlike some char-siu-like impostor with artificial coloring, Meng Kee’s char siu is gleaming in a deep mahogany color. Apart from that, their char siu is the sweeter version with a thick caramelized crust. Take a bite of the succulent and tender meat and you are in heaven!

    However, I still think that Meng Kee’s char siu could not rival Famous Seremban Favourite’s char siu. FSF’s version is less sweet, more tender and juicier. Hmmm let’s just say that Meng Kee’s char siu is rated as the second best in my list!

    The steam chicken was decent, but nothing spectacular though.

    Innards (liver) Sausages are my perennial favorite but it is such a rare sight at “siu mei” joints nowadays. My lunch buddies expressed their shock and disgust over the sausages but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

    Never feed an Ipoh girl with such skinny taugehs. Politely, I shoved it away and continue tucking into my char siu and liver sausages.

    Generally, Meng Kee serves top notch char siu with pretty decent “side dishes”. A simple meal at Meng Kee is light on the pocket too; we paid about RM12 per person for a hearty meal over here. Do remember to avoid the lunch-time crowd if you intend to drop by.

    Meng Kee Char Siu
    20 (Ground), Jalan Pekedai U1/36
    Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park
    Shah Alam.
    Tel No: 019 – 379 3629
    Opens for breakfast and lunch. Close on Mondays


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