A Wet Thai Cafe @ Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


    Only a few steps away from the famous Hau Kee, A Wet Thai Cafe too, is bustling with activities comes dinner time. In spite of the surrounding businesses and limited parking, this place is a hidden gem with a wide varieties of authentic Thai cuisine at reasonable prices.

    It is a blessing in disguise that Ai Wei discovered this place and hence suggested it for Wen Ching‘s farewell dinner.

    We started off the meal with an appetizer of Miang Kam (RM 12) to tingle the tastebuds. Fold the chaplu leaves into a cone, pile it on with grated coconut , unpeeled lime, shallots, roasted peanuts, dried shrimps, fresh ginger, etc with a generous drizzle of the dipping sauce and pop it into your mouth.

    The entire bundle is eaten in one bite. The myriad ingredients will create a flavor explosion inside your mouth and it is sure to whet your appetite for more!

    chomp chomp

    Patrons in A Wet Thai Cafe are served with pandan flavored water. I’ve had lemongrass flavored water at some Thai restaurant; but pandan flavored water is a first. Pretty enticing!

    For mains, we had the grilled mackerel (RM 30). All seafood were grilled and served upon order, thus imparting a hearty, smoky flavor with charred crispy edges. Slowly devour it to allow the natural sweetness of the fish to come through.
    A visit to a Thai restaurant is never complete without tom yam. A Wet’s seafood tom yam (RM 20) is prepared with many types of Thai herbs with the special addition of coconut milk that makes it smoother. It has a subtle blend of hot, spicy and sour flavor but I still like the clear version better.

    Their green curry (RM 16) fares pretty well too. The gravy is so flavorful and creamy and most importantly it is being served with PORK strips! Delicious!

    Deep Fried KangKung (RM 8). A typical example of looks can be deceiving; it tasted really despite the fact that it looked bumpy and lumpy. These bite-sized veges had a good crunch but were fairly soft insides. Adding a dash of the dipping sauce with minced PORK enhances the flavor better.

    The deep fried chili seafood (RM 20) was nothing more than a lackluster dish. 🙁

    We ordered some carbs for the guys but it turned out to be everyone’s favorite. Mixed with some spicy minced PORK, the Thai fried rice (RM 7.3) was very aromatic and appetizing.

    Of all things sweet – Christine & Desserts

    After the meal we felt quite satisfied but eventually we gave in to gluttony and ordered some desserts (RM 5.9 each) to be shared among us. The Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk was really good but the rest were not remarkable at all.

    The total bill came to RM 145.45 (5% service tax). With great non halal (plus point!) Thai food, attentive services and reasonable pricing, I’d say this place warrants a second visit. Thanks Ai Wei for your great recommendation!

    A Wet Thai Cafe

    Tel: 03-91319838
    (make a reservation to avoid disappointment)


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