Kin Shui Tei @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort [CLOSED]


    Kin Shui Tei located inside Tropicana Golf & Country Resorts is a unique, quirky little hidden gem which most people never knew even existed.

    I’ve been on a kind of quest lately to fine a really good Japanese restaurant near my home and I’m glad that I found one. 🙂

    The interior is simple and the colours of the whole restaurant is easy on the eye and rather classy. There’s even tatami rooms with Japanese style table where you sit low to the floor.


    extensive menu

    Potato Salad RM22. By far this is the best creamy potato salad that I have ever had. I like the addition of runny egg too. Imagine as you bite into the delicious potato salad and the runny egg bursts sending a jet of yolk……wow I slobbered all over my keyboard already!

    Jumbo Spider Roll (deep-fried soft shell crab roll) RM35 is a default order whenever we do Japanese. I must say the food presentation was expertly done and the soft shell crab gave a nice crunchy texture to it

    Salmon Miso Kami Nabe RM 39. Kami means paper, Nabe means pot, so this is a paper pot dish. The miso soup was stewed in together with salmon, resulting in a slightly sweet and salty broth. Absolutely delicious!

    We also had the Stone Grill Sirloin RM45 with a Japanese twist to it. Lean and juicy, the sirloin steak was grilled to perfection. The thick sauce looks appetizing with the little bits of grated white radish showing through.

    The signature dish of the restaurant – Teppanyaki Seafood Set RM 59 was served with rice, miso soup, an appetizer, japanese pickles and a fruit platter. The cheese like dressing is actually Kin Shui Tei’s home made mayonnaise sauce. The prawns were really fresh; bouncy and springy and I relish every bite! Even the sauce is additively delicious, a bowl of white rice would be perfect to mopping up that sauce! My mouth waters looking at this!

    Our green tea tiramisu RM 15 was a bit watery and the use of green tea powder gave the whole thing a sort of bitter after taste. The desserts are mediocre at best, but the main courses will definitely keep me from coming back!

    Kin Shui Tei
    C/o Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
    Jalan Kelab Tropicana,
    47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel: 03-78042079 / 03-78804437 ext 315


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