Dessert’s Bar @ Casa Tropicana, Petaling Jaya


    There is no need to leave your conscience at home as you give in to that sinful pleasure of a delicious sweet treat at Dessert’s Bar. Here, they have thought about what constitutes a healthy dessert while retaining the yummy factor in it.


    I’m glad that Debbie and Lynndy, the marketing executive of Dessert’s Bar invited me over. It was a fun girls’ night out where we oooh and ahhh over almost everything and we also learnt that desserts is no longer a sinful indulgence at Dessert’s Bar.


    At Dessert’s Bar, customers are given an option on how they want their smoothie to be made. Just choose from your favorite fruits, together with a choice of vanilla/chocolate and soy milk/fresh milk. My ultimate combination of mango +vanilla+fresh milk (RM8.80) was so rich and creamy. Absolutely delicious!


    Grapes smoothie @ RM9.80 for my girl friend. Three type of grapes (green, purple, black) including the seeds are blended into a pulp. The idea of eating grapes with its seeds does not sound appealing but it does wonder to your body.


    Belgian Chocolate Fondue. At RM23.80, it is a steal! You get 6 scoops of ice cream (black sesame, strawberry, chocolate) and a fruits platter to go with the premium belgium chocolate sauce. Dip fresh fruit and other dippables into the hot, melted creamy chocolate mixture and simply succumb to the hot and cold sensation!



    Dessert’s Bar is currently having a Grapes Promotion whereby one can select any of the grapes items to enjoy a 20% Discount off the total bill. This promotion is valid until 7th August 2009. The grapes cheesecake (RM8.00) is something new for me. It is a dense and delicious cheesecake in a rich shortbread crust; just the way I like it.


    Berry Delicious @ RM8.00 is actually a combination of vanilla panna cotta with raspberry jam that added that tangy twist to the concoctions. The panna cotta is so silky smooth and perfectly lovely.


    For something substantial, we were offered the Monte Sandwich @ RM12.90. Hams, bacons, pineapple ring and an egg were piled on top of each other.


    You guess it right; we devour it in a very unlady like manner.


    Dessert’s Bar is launching a new menu on the 1st August 2009 and on the 8th August 2009, they are celebrating their 2nd anniversary by giving away 50% discount on everything. I’ll be there this Saturday, to stock up on my Dessert’s Bar muesli and fruits chips. Did I tell you that those taste really good too?

    Dessert’s Bar

    Casa Tropicana

    B-0-12, Block B, CASA Tropicana,

    No. 5, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana

    Tropicana Golf & Country,

    47410 Petaling Jaya.

    Tel: +603 7885 0227

    Fax: +603 7883 0356


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