Taiwan Trip Day 2: Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 – Taiwan Story Land 台灣故事館

    *LATEST* Taiwan Itinerary Year 2012 – 9 Days around Taipei, Taitung, Green Island, Kaohsiung, Jiufen

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    updates: Fu Hang dou jiang underwent a major renovation but food remains good. Taiwan Story Land has been closed down.

    On the second day of our stay in Taipei, we had a very awesome breakfast at this place called Fu Hang Dou Jiang, located at the second floor of  HuaShan Market Building. We reached there around nine only the find that the queue was really long  and it was being stretched all the way towards the other end. Could you spot me?

    You’ll notice when you walk in that there are two lines. The left line is to dine here while the right line is for takeaways. Be forewarned that not even an English alphabet is found on the menu/sign board, and it’s really hard to pinpoint because  most of the food was freshly made upon order. So please bring along a friend who can read/speak chinese, ie me.

    Salted Soy Milk? You might have frowned in dismay but trust me, it’s really tasty! Salted soy milk is fresh soy milk that had curdled with the addition of vinegar, so it looks really gross and ugly. Served with bits of you tiao (deep fried crullers), pickled mustard greens, scallions and hot oil, the soy milk is amazingly flavored. You just have to throw away the mind set of soy milk is sweet.

    We had the flatbread stuffed with eggs and green onions (dan bing) too.  Something like a fluffy crepe like skin with eggs and scallions, it was being sliced up and served with dashes of soy sauce. The scallion pancake was really delicious, very aromatic but not too greasy . I’ve been drooling over the keyboard as I am writing this.

    The deep fried cruller is sandwiched into Hou Bing, a thicker version of some soft and fluffy sesame pastry which is kind of like a pita pocket. What is the best way to savor it? Plunge it into the sweet soy milk before shoving it into your mouth. Every bite squishes with oil and soy milk but tasty nonetheless.

    Served steaming hot, the crispy sao bing with scallions filling got the big nod for its flakiness. The texture closely resembles Ipoh’s Heong Peng and the only difference is the interior of savoury scallions.

    Nothing hits the spot for me like some cheap and hearty Taiwanese breakfasts. For only NT122 (RM13.50), you get the best (Chinese) breakfast in the world, as proclaimed by KampungBoy.

    Fu-Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿
    2F, Huashan Market Building.
    Operating Hours: 530 am to 1030 am daily
    Getting Here:
    Take the Blue Line to Shandao Temple Station. At exit 5, the Huashan Market Building is on your right.

    From Shandao Station, we moved to Taipei Main Station (1 station away) to do some shopping at Station Front Metro Mall. It is located right underneath Taipei Main Station, Zhongxiao W. Rd. If you are into cheap cosmetics and accessories (fake eye lashes are selling for NT19 a pair, sunnies for NT99, bags & belts for NT99), then this is the place for you.

    Next up: Taiwan Storyland, Asia’s biggest retro-style street scene museum featuring a great selection of vintage furniture, cars, bikes, posters. It’s located at the basement of KMall, an electronic and computer mall across Taipei Main Station (can do your gadgets shopping too!). Almost everything in Taiwan Storyland is of Taiwan from the 1950s – 1970s to give us a nostalgia-filled experience. Frankly speaking, there’s nothing much to be seen but there are lots of great photo opportunities throughout. Please scroll down: 20+ pictures ahead.
    Taiwan Story Land 台灣故事館
    50, ZhongXiao W.Rd, Sec. 1, B2 (basement of K-Mall)
    Operating Hours: 1030am to 11pm daily
    Getting Here:
    Take exit 6/8 from Taipei Main Station and walk to the B2 level of K-Mall (next to ShinKong Tower)
    Admission Ticket: NT 280 with NT 150 cash voucher


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