Chinese Muslim Food @ Dong Yi Shun, Kota Damansara [CLOSED]

    They have moved to :

    C-G-06 Ground Floor, Dataran Glomac, (same row as CIMB Bank)
    Jln SS6/5B, 47301 Kelana Jaya

    Tel : 03 7803 4012
    HP : 016 3600 399


    Good news for my Muslim friends and readers! Located at The Strand, a spanking new area just behind Sunway Damansara, Dong Yi Shun is a hidden gem that serves Chinese Muslim 清真 food. FYI, the Chinese word for halal is “pure truth” (清真).

    With 13 restaurants around Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shaoxing and and Yiwu, Dong Yi Shun specializes in Northern Chinese Islamic cuisine that incorporate beef more than any other meat into their cuisine. We have been there a few times and have always eaten well. The food is really good, and reasonably priced for a simple week day dinner.

    东伊顺羊肉串 Dong Yi Shun’s Mutton Satay (RM2/pcs). Originating in the Xinjiang (新疆) province of China, mutton satay is now a famous street snack in China.  Dong Yi Shun’s version was tender in the best sense of the word and incredibly flavorful.

    上海牛肉锅贴 Shanghai Beef Fried Dumpling (RM8.80). We would usually order this whenever we dropped by. The browned crispy bottom, juicy filling and crispy edges are simply irresistible! The minced beef filling closely resembles the taste of its porky counterparts too.

    松子石班鱼 Garoupa Fish with Pine Nuts (RM25). Probably the most expensive item in the menu, the deep fried garoupa fish was deep-fry till golden brown and crispy. It makes a very good combination with the pine nuts and the spicy, sweet and sour sauce too.

    西安牛肉灌汤小笼包 Xian Beef Xiao Long Bao (RM9.80). The xiao long baos were so juicy that you might risk squirting the sweet broth all over.

    孜然羊肉 Zi Ran Mutton (RM 16). Their signature dish, zi ran mutton (stir fried mutton with cumin seed) never fail to impress us. The mutton pieces, coated with assorted herbs and spices,  were delicious and tender. The cumin seeds add just the right amount of a distinctive and exotic aroma without being over-powering.

    特色牛肉蒸饺 Special Steamed Beef Dumpling (RM9.80).

    新疆大盘鸡 Xinjiang’s Big Pot Chicken (RM16.80). This is a Xinjiang dish prepared especially for festivals, hence the name “big pot chicken”. We find it mediocre though.

    西安三鲜灌汤小笼包 Xian Seafood Xiao Long Bao (RM9.80)

    软炸鲍鱼菇 Fried Abalone Mushroom (RM 12). This dish came rather damp and soggy but it makes a good snacks still.

    名酱玉子豆腐  Japanese Tofu with Broccoli (RM10). We need some greens to provide our body with a well balanced diet. 🙂

    海鲜炒饭 seafood fried rice (RM7.00). The fried nice was nothing spectacular on its own, they probably include this to cater to the Malaysian tastebuds.

    四川辣子鸡手工拉面 Sze Chuan Spicy Chicken La Mian (RM8.80). How could you walk away from a 清真 restaurant without having a bowl of la mian (hand pulled noodles)? Served in a fiery red spicy soup with szechuan spicy chicken, the noodles were springy and not too soft.
    dong yi shun

    We were lucky enough to catch the la mian si fu in action. He is folding, tossing and stressing a lump of dough continuously until it forms long strands of really thin noodles.

    If you want non pretentious, reliably good food at reasonable prices, Dong Yi Shun is the place to go. Best of all, it’s just a 5 min drive from (our) home.

    Dong Yi Shun
    No.28-30G, Jalan PJU 5/20B
    The Strand
    Kota Damansara
    Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 016-3600399


    • adel says:

      I am so glad that there’s halal chinese food, gonna hit this place when i go to m’sia…everything seems so fresh and delicious without compromise…i could bring my Indo friend over here 🙂

    • ai wei says:

      aiksss… this makes me miss the 羊肉串 from ShenZhen so muchie!
      will love to try this restaurant one day and wanna find out how is the taste of 羊肉串 here.

      drool* m so hungry now…

    • email2me says:

      OMG the lamb satay and cumin lamb meat makes me hungry again!

      That is sooooooo tasty !

    • mimid3vils says:

      Dumpling without pork just like lacking something for me 😛

    • just read masak-masak’s blog on this place.. now it’s your turn 🙂
      since 2 famous bloggers (3 coz there are 2 of you)… gave stamp of approval, I must come here soon

      • leo: lol becareful, coz its very near to THE WOK. :p

        mimidevils: surprisingly this was ok. sweet and flavorful

        ken: haha lets go again. jom!

        aiwei: its so tasty that kgboy sapu all lol

        adel: im glad that we could help in expanding ur choices too.

    • Chin says:

      Those beef xio loong pao are so tempting. And the way they twist the dough closed is unique.

    • hehe..this week alone got 3 post on this plc…wahhh…tempting we bring ya sunnies to u and we makan?

    • Jean says:

      the food looks great!! but far..>.<

    • ck lam says:

      The food was just great, I have tried most of the dishes on the outing with ken but miss out on the lamien…must visit it again.

    • mohammed says:

      im looking for halaal restaurants, must be pure 100% halaal restaurants in and around the following areas. hong kong golden mile holiday inn, shaoxing- international hotel, ningbo.
      please i would really appreciate any info.

    • ATK says:

      I Love this place!!!!!!! Just nearby my house, never know it exist until i read your blog. Thanks!!! Super extra thanks!! The food is AWESOME!! But sadly, I went there dinner & lunch time, not so many people, since the Strand location…eventhough just next to Dataran Sunway, is very empty. Not so many shops opened yet… I am afraid this awesome restaurant going to be closed sooner. I am posting some of your picture on the facebook promoting this restaurant, hope you dont mind…

      Thanx again!!

    • oldklangroad says:

      Can someone confirm if this place is still open for business? I’d gone to their branch at Summit USJ but it was closed 🙁 I tried calling their no. 016-3600399 but unavailable!? Whats going on? It would be a real shame if they closed down 🙁 I don’t want to drive all the way to Kota Damansara to find out they are closed. Thanks in advance.

    • Lynn says:

      Hie there. Is this restaurant in Kota Damansara still open? I have plans to go there this Friday nite with my colleagues for an early reunion dinner. I tried calling the number but no one answers it. And where is it near to actually?

    • Aida says:

      Hye there… I’ve been to dis particular restaurant with a fren of mine… I ordered the SzeChuan La Mian and it taste great!!! Really love the “spicy”ness… Also tried its Shanghai Chicken Fried Dumpling… It’s really good… u can eat everything served on the plate…. hahahaha….

    • Muhammed says:


      We are looking for a Authentic Halaal restuarant That does not serve Alcohol in Shanghai as well as a Good hotel Nearby to the Mosque /Muslim District , In Guangzhou we seek a Good Muslim restuarant as well masjid close to the Canton Fair

      Would you be able to offer any Advice or the Contact details of your Chinese Branch

    • Cinta says:

      Thanks for the recommendation. I have been enjoying La Mien in China for the past 3 yrs and i finally get to taste this mouth watering dish again. Kudos to KampungBoy!

    • dean75 says:

      went to the place……CLOSED …… looks like close for good……really sad….

    • diss says:

      closed …try call,…no bodies pick up the phone….

    • lcs says:

      Just had la mien as dinner last nite. It was good. They were at MAHA 2010 recently. They have moved to
      C-G-06 Ground Floor, Dataran Glomac,
      Jln Ss6/5B, 47301 Kelana Jaya
      Tel 0378034012
      N 03.10300
      E 101.60023

    • CTY says:

      seem like NONE of the food above can make me hungry?
      Last time i try one (original) sze chuan noodles(the cook is come from china) in one place, very yacks until I cant finish it .

    • Dan says:

      THEY ARE STILL OPEN, Now in Kelana Jaya

      They have moved to :

      C-G-06 Ground Floor, Dataran Glomac, (same row as CIMB Bank)
      Jln SS6/5B, 47301 Kelana Jaya

      Tel : 03 7803 4012
      HP : 016 3600 399

    • ila says:

      OMG..i’m a very loyal customer there eventho am a malay..Been eating in DYSwith my family from when their restaurant in SUMMIT USJ to THE STRAND N GLOMAC. But one of my fav dish which is shredded chicken now not in the menu 🙁

    • azman says:

      TQ for yor info…u also can try same authentic muslim chinese food in Restoran Adam Lee (middle class,not high class restaurant).They also hv hand pulled noodles(mee tarik) and their tradition noodle herb soups is very much tasty. One thing is,their price also is lower than others… they hv one in subang but will open a branch in selangor bisness centre near Tesco sect 13 in middle of may 2011..u may call the owner 0196106778,sorry i dont hv their picture.

    • fawzi says:

      OMG… the lamb satay!!! im always thinking of that since back from beijing last year. sooooo delicous. in beijing the price about 2 yuan per stick. (about RM1 each).. you can find this satay everywhere in beijing street. now this satay in MALAYSIA already huh… hehehe… definetely will go here to try. ermmmm….10 stick enough ka? heheheheh

    • juli lim says:

      can i just confirm?

      u guys are still open right but moved to dataran glomac?

    • soraya says:

      went all the way from ampang but unfortunately it was closed :(… its lunch hour.. break all the traffics. should have called them i guess..

    • babu says:

      hi.all i am opening a new 100% halal chinese rest, i am opening near wangsa maju,p;s give your advice.

    • zura says:

      I also try 2col hp no coz suddenly craving for their dumplings n we so call sup bulu (can’t remember d name) but wrong no. it seems… huhu… Such a big lost… Anywhere I went in KL & S’ngor can’t even stand a chance to beat DYS… So SAD 🙁

    • marlina says:

      Dear Moderator , a million thanks for your past and continue support to Dong Yi Shun , as the lastmanager left home for good , the communication network has just left behind ….. need to keep intouch with you for all our update … Dong Yi Shun in continue to strive to create fine menu to unite friends and families …. INSYALLAH

      Wishing Dong Yi Shun’s Muslim customer Ramadhan Mubarak !!! May this fasting month give you success in inner dimension of the Deen .. Achieve Spiritual Excellent. Amin ..

      Wishing All Dong Yi Shun customer all the best , good health , good wealth , good luck ….

      We would also like to bring all Dong Yi Shun good news , we are preparing another outlet in Bangi to be open in August 2012 , INSYALLAH ….. just same roll with Ecosave at Reko Sentral , 5 mins drive from UKM , Kajang Town…… see you there …..

      Thank you again for all your supports , Eat Well , Eat Healthy …. Dong Yi Shun .. Your Neighbour hood Chef …

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