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Street snacks seem to grace every corner of Hong Kong. Just keep a hungry eye open and you can find all kinds of snacks only metres away from roaring traffic and cars exhaust fumes. Day or night, most snack stalls are filled with throngs of people.

With plenty of choices available, it was really hard for us to refrain from eating between meals. We reckon that the best street for snacking has to be Dundas Street at Mongkok, with three must try stalls. Please refer to the map labeled number 1 to 3. No. 4 is where you could find some very delicious fish belly porridge while No.5 is a very popular dim sum place. Will post about that later!



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HK MACAU 2009 042

1 貢茶 Gong Cha

A very popular milk tea stall at Dundas Street, hence we were asked to take a number and wait for our turn. Everyone is crazy about their best seller – 奶蓋系列 milk foam series, where a layer of milk foam is added onto the tea.

We love Gong Cha for the options given; one can choose the level of sweetness and amount of ice desired. We ordered 奶蓋綠茶 green tea with milk foam and bubbles – 50% sugar and less ice (HKD 14).

HK MACAU 2009 045

HK MACAU 2009 048

We got our drinks 15 minutes later. There is this guideline on the best ways to devour your cup of milk tea printed on the cover. 1. Open the cover, take a sip, and allow the milk foam and tea to glide down your throat. 2. Insert the straw and take a sip of the aromatic tea 3. Slowly stir in the milk and enjoy the different layers of flavor.

Our verdict? The milk foam is smooth and slightly savory while the tea is light and aromatic but dignified with a strong flavor. Give it a good stir and let it unfolds in different layers of flavor.

HK MACAU 2009 050

2. 肥姐小食店 Fei Jie Snacks Shop

Few steps away from Gong Cha is Fei Jie Snacks Shop, well known for their braised items. We had the 大墨魚 big squids and 大生腸 big pork intestines (HKD10 each), highly recommended by the forumers in

HK MACAU 2009 055

大墨魚 (big) squids

The braised items like pig’s intestines, pig’s stomach, chicken’s liver and squids were laid on a bed of ice to make it crunchy to the bite. In fact it was so crunchy that you can hear the crackly bite! After long hours of braising in their secret recipe gravy, the end result is very flavorful too. Drizzled with mustards and sweet sauce, it gave the braised items a different delicious taste. We just love it to every bit!

HK MACAU 2009 059

大生腸 (big) pork intestines


3. 萬家燒餅皇 Man Ka King of Sao Bing (Chinese Bread)

Sao Bing is a traditional Chinese bread, flaky, layered, with assorted fillings inside. As usual, we went for the highly recommended 武大郎 Wu Da Lang, sao bing with minced pork filling.



For HKD10, it was huge! The bread was pillowy soft and  the minced pork filling was oozing with juice as we took a bite. This left us comforted – warm bread on a cold night.


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  1. cariso says:

    Drooled! Just by the look at that squids and intestine, already know it’s GOOD!


  2. YilingL says:

    Fei Jie snacks seems like a really wonderful place for authentic street food. Yumm!


  3. email2me says:

    Never know got skill to drink Milk Tea ……. The sotong tentacles look so good !


  4. cumidanciki says:

    by golly that bread is HUGE! pig’s intestines, pig’s stomach, chicken’s liver and squids ,,! music to my ears.


  5. OMG how HUGE are the squids! And eaten with mustard?? Ooh la la!!


  6. eiling says:

    I’m salivating at the pig intestines. So jeles.


  7. ck lam says:

    It would be nice to see our snack shops or even pasar malam stalls selling these type of braised items.


  8. soo sean says:

    Fei Jia and Man Ka King were in my list when I visited HK. Somehow I did not make it. Your picture have made me drooling.


  9. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Didn’t know got method to drink tea….and the bread, oh the bread! I’d go for this over the intestines! =P


  10. Simon Seow says:

    I love Mongkok street food.


  11. Malaysiachai says:

    Yes, I agree, I am currently staying in HKG and Mongkok is one of my favourite food place…


  12. hbiam says:

    where can i get fishball hor fun and coconut milk chicken pot like the one in li po chun bldg central


  13. foodtrip says:

    Hi! Can you give me directions to Man Ka King of Sao Bing?


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    Hi, its at wong kok Dundas Street. you should be able to google map. I reli forgot about the direction from the mrt stop. so sorry


    foodtrip Reply:



    Billy Reply:

    there are plenty of Gong Cha in Hong Kong now. I think about 50 outlets! Could easily find one.


  14. Billy says:

    Hey Guys Gong Cha will be coming to Malaysia very verry soon.



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