Round Up: 6D5N Hong Kong & Macau Itinerary

    Hong Kong & Macau 6D6N Itinerary Year 2009 – Great for First Timer!

    5D4N Eat Drink HK Itinerary Year 2010 – Time to Revisit!

    Food Adventures in HK Year 2011,2012,2013 – The Ultimate HK Best Eat List (HK Island) & The Ultimate HK Best Eat List (Kowloon)

    We’re back from our trip finally! It was a very fruitful trip in terms of eating. We ate as much food as our stomach and hollow leg could hold, blame it on the makan list that we have put together based on some recommendations from (Hong Kong no. 1 Food Forum). It’s no exaggeration to say that only another few hundreds hours of running drastically could work away the flab. Here’s a round up of where our Hong Kong Macau itinerary. Detailed posts will be coming up very soon.

    Day 1: 紅茶館 Bridal Tea House Hotel, 澳洲牛奶公司 Australian Dairy Company @ Jordon, 麥文記麵家  Mak Man Kee Noodles House @ Jordon, The Peak, Ladies Street, 貢茶 Gong Cha Milk Tea @ Mongkok, 肥姐小食店 Fei Jie Snacks Shop @ Mongkok, 萬家燒餅皇 Siu Beng Wong @ Mongkok

    Day 2: 妹記生滾粥品 Mui Kee Congee @ Mongkok, 金華冰廳 Kam Wah @ Prince Edward, Disneyland, Citygate Outlet Mall @ Tung Chung, 四季煲仔飯 Four Season Claypot Rice @ Yau Ma Tei, Temple Street

    Day 3: 蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House @ Central, 陳意齋Chan Yi Zai @ Central, 泰昌餅家 Tai Cheong @ Central, 蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen @ Central, H&M @ Central, H&M @ Tsim Tsa Tsui, Honeymoon Dessert @ Harbour City Tsim Tsa Tsui, Avenue of Star @ Tsim Tsa Tsui, Symphony of Light @ Tsim Tsa Tsui, 鏞記酒家 Yung Kee @ Central, Lan Kwai Fong @ Central

    Day 4: 添好運點心專門店 Tim Hou Wan Dim Sum Specialty Shop @ Mongkok, Race Course @ Shatin, Time Square @ Causeway Bay, Taiyaki Hot Sandwich @ Causeway Bay, 美都餐室 Mido Café @ Yau Ma Tei

    Day 5: Macau Island – 義順牛奶 Leitaria I Son, Ruin of St. Paul, 潘榮記 減蛋金錢餅 Poon Weng Kee Biscuit, 祥記麵家 Cheung Kei, 添發碗仔翅美食 Tim Fatt Sharkfin, Senado Square, 黃枝記 Wong Chi Kee, Margaret’s Café e Nata 瑪嘉烈餅店, Grand Lisboa

    Day 6: Taipa Village – Café Mun Kor, The Venetian, Four Face Buddha, 沙度娜 Serradura, 莫義記  Mok Yi Kee, 誠昌飯店 Seng Cheong Crab Porridge, 晃記餅家 Fong Kee Biscuits, 大利來記咖啡室 Tai Lei Loi Kee

    DAY 1:
    HK Macau 031

    #1 Australian Dairy Company  that stays at the top on’s best restaurant list. True to it’s name, the steamed milk and scramble egg is omfg-ly good!
    HK Macau 074

    #2 Mak Man Kee Noodles House. Famous for the fermented bean curd pork trotter (nam yu zhu sao)  noodles.
    HK MACAU 2009 036

    #3 Central – the financial and business hub of Hong Kong
    HK MACAU 2009 037

    #4 Walking down the red carpet at Madame Tussauds

    HK MACAU 2009 048

    #5 Gong Cha Bubble Tea with super nice milk top at Mongkok
    HK MACAU 2009 051

    #6 Fei Jie Snacks Shop where’s foodies have raved about their braised octopus and pork innards. Yummy!
    HK MACAU 2009 064

    #7 Some forgettable snacks at Mongkok. Those mushy cow innards and fish balls are really gross!

    DAY 2
    HK MACAU 2009 090

    #8 Very nice fish belly congee at Mui Kee Congee (inside a wet market)!
    HK MACAU 2009 105

    #9 The best polo yao at Kam Wah
    HK MACAU 2009 135

    #10 Visited Disneyland to revive that lost childhood memory
    HK MACAU 2009 167

    #11 Meet maikei and mainei (that’s how they pronounce Mickey & Minnie in Cantonese)
    HK MACAU 2009 168

    #12 Childhood Friends!
    HK MACAU 2009 414

    #13 Fireworks over sleeping beauty’s castle
    HK MACAU 2009 437

    #14 Buys from CityGate Outlet Mall (ignore the H&M paper bag)
    HK MACAU 2009 503

    #15 Four Season’s (not the hotel lar) Claypot Rice

    DAY 3
    HK MACAU 2009 526

    #16 Early bird catches the dim sum. Lin Heung Tea House
    HK MACAU 2009 551

    #17 Bird nest cake @ Chan Yi Zai
    HK MACAU 2009 571

    #18 Lan Fong Yuen that has been selling stocking milk tea (xi mut lai cha) for over 50 years
    HK MACAU 2009 579

    #19 very smooth!
    HK MACAU 2009 570

    #20 Ate Chris Patten (the ex governer of HK)’s favourite egg tart at Tai Cheong
    HK MACAU 2009 590

    #21 Had a great time shopping at H&M Queens Road Central & Canton Road.
    HK MACAU 2009 603

    #22 Did some shopping at Harbour City and tried the famous banana pancake from Honeymoon Dessert.
    HK MACAU 2009 662

    #23 The old Clock Tower near the Star Ferry concourse at Tsim Sha Tsui
    HK MACAU 2009 656

    #24 Avenue of Stars at the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Promenade.
    HK MACAU 2009 710

    #25 A symphony of light
    HK MACAU 2009 804

    #26 A very expensive dinner – roasted goose at Yung Kee
    HK MACAU 2009 822

    #27 Went to Lan Kwai Fong only to find out that we under-dressed. *shy*

    DAY 4
    HK MACAU 2009 880

    #28 Look at the queue! But the long wait proves worthwhile…
    HK MACAU 2009 860

    #29 …when we took a bite on the crispy cha siu bao
    HK MACAU 2009 891

    #30 Tried our luck at Shatin Racecourse
    HK MACAU 2009 940

    #31 Had Taiyaki Hot Sandwich near Time Square, Causeway Bay
    HK MACAU 2009 965

    #32 Baked Pork Rib Rice @ Mido Café
    HK MACAU 2009 966

    #33 Juicy siu beng from Mongkok. Good stuff!

    DAY 5
    HK MACAU 2009 991

    #34 Double Skin Milk at Leitaria I Son
    HK MACAU 2009 1058

    #35 The Ruin of St. Paul’s!
    HK MACAU 2009 1063

    #36 Big Heads
    HK MACAU 2009 1083

    #37 Very nice hand made cookies from Poon Weng Kee Biscuit.
    HK MACAU 2009 1129

    #38 Must eat the har zi meen (prawn roe wantan meen) and fish skin at Cheung Kei!
    HK MACAU 2009 1160

    #39 Sharkfin for only HKD 35! Tim Fatt Sharkfin
    HK MACAU 2009 1186

    #40 Delicious sui kow meen from Wong Chi Kee
    HK MACAU 2009 1206

    #41 Senado Square
    HK MACAU 2009 1210

    #42 Don’t forget to get some Portuguese Egg Tart from Margaret’s Café e Nata
    HK MACAU 2009 1231

    #43 Trying our luck again 😀

    DAY 6
    HK MACAU 2009 1304

    #44 Famous for durian ice cream and sawdust pudding – Mok Yi Kee
    HK MACAU 2009 1326

    #45 Cafe Mun Kor – where the locals go for their daily fix of zhu zai bao
    HK MACAU 2009 1343

    #46 Four Faced Buddha @ Taipa Village
    HK MACAU 2009 1401

    #46 Indoor gondola ride anyone?
    HK MACAU 2009 1417

    #47 none other than the famed Venetian Macau
    HK MACAU 2009 1431

    #48 Ice Fire sawdust pudding from Serradura
    HK MACAU 2009 1439

    #49 Seng Cheong Crab Porridge
    HK MACAU 2009 1452

    #50 You won’t want to miss this!
    HK MACAU 2009 1476

    #51 Fong Kee Biscuits
    HK MACAU 2009 1491

    #52 Got 4 pork chop bun for myself after an hour queue! Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kee
    HK MACAU 2009 1494

    #53 It’s time to go home after we stomached down these goodies. Bye Macau!


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