Kam Wah Polo Bun @ Bute Street, Hong Kong

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    From Mui Kee Porridge, we walked to Bute Street, in search of Kam Wah Café to get a taste of the best Polo Bun in Hong Kong.

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    Just across the street from the quaint gold fish market (Tung Choi Street), Kam Wah café is buzzing with activities. At the store front, throngs of people were waiting anxiously for their freshly baked pastries such as the famed polo yao and egg tarts. As we walked in, the restaurant was incredibly crowded but we were lucky to secure a place in less than 5 minutes. It is almost mandatory to share a table with strangers of course. Somehow, I like to eavesdrop on their conversation, revolves around families/friends/partners problems. Such stressful life in HK.
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    It is quite apparent that Kam Wah is famous for milk tea and polo bun as everyone else was having the same drink and same bun. Feeling greedy, we asked for a double serving of Kam Wah polo bun (sans the butter, HKD 4) and polo yao (with the butter, HKD 6).

    “Sek dak sai mah?”, the waitress doubted if we could finish it but we insisted on having four buns all to ourselves.
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    The famous polo yao in it’s full glory. Do you know that there’s a lady like way to devour a polo bun – press the crust with a fork to prevent the bits of crunches from falling as you bite onto it! I learnt it from one of the TVB drama haha!

    The Kam Wah polo bun was really good indeed! The crust is light and crunchy and the bun itself is dense but soft. Paired with slabs of melting butter, and you are in heaven! Motor Mouth shared the same thought too. Compared to  the other variants of polo bun in Malaysia, Kam Wah Café’s polo yao is different. The bun itself is dense, thus it fills up our stomach space pretty fast. Sandwiched between the buns is a slab of home made butter that gave us this zingy taste of lemon. Pretty intriguing!

    Such a sinful indulgence of carbs + butter! And yes, we had four polo buns for our morning tea break, and that was after a very satisfying breakfast at Mui Kee.

    金華冰廳 Kam Wah Polo Bun
    G/F, 47 Bute Street (Prince Edward)


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