Hong Kong Day 1: Bridal Tea House @ Yau Ma Tei, Australia Dairy Co @ Jordon

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    HK MACAU 2009 955

    First Day in Hong Kong. We checked into 紅茶館酒店 Bridal Tea House at Yau Ma Tei, a small boutique hotel situated adjacent to the popular shopping district of Nathan Road and has many attractions close by such as the Temple Street Night Market and Jade Market. The Yaumatei MTR station (exit C) is just a stone’s throw away, which is very convenient because MTR is the easiest way to get around Hong Kong.
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    The room itself is very tiny which hardly leaves space for movement and luggage. We have no complaints because all we needed is a place to drop our belongings and rest our weary bones after a day’s out. Putting aside the matchbox-sized room, it’s quiet, clean, convenient and affordable. We managed to get a very good deal by booking through Hotels CombinedHKD 413 (RM 195) per night.
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    Right after we dropped off our luggage, we headed straight to Jordon for our late lunch. Yes, you got it right! We went to 澳洲牛奶公司  Australia Dairy Co, the no.1 restaurant in openrice.com’s best restaurant list, voted by the pickiest ever Hong Kie. It is so famous that there is a perpetual throng of people waiting outside its door just to get a taste of the famed scrambled eggss and steamed milk puddings. The turnover is super fast as we were seated shortly after.
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    “Kowloon Dairy” or Australian Dairy?
    HK Macau 053

    Luke warm diluted tea – to wash utensils or to drink? The answer is both!

    Cups of tea were served once we were seated. Some patrons use the hot tea to wash their utensils but it is safe for consumption as well.

    There were probably twenty waiters (only men!) in Australia Dairy Co. All of them were wearing this old school white shirt with ink stained pockets and carrying a small little notepad around. So cool! The restaurant is always chaotic and packed so it is mandatory to share a table with strangers.
    HK Macau 055

    I have to warn you if you’re a tourist and can’t read Chinese character. We asked for recommendations, the waiter pointed to the Chinese menu sandwiched under the glass table top impatiently and ask us to hurry up our order. The fastfood set (HKD 24) is available all day long, while the tea time set which costs HKD 28 is available from 12pm to 1030 pm and one can order the breakfast set at HKD 24 before 12pm. We went for the tea time set that consists of toasts with scrambled eggs and ham, macaroni with char siu and coffee/tea (HKD 28).

    HK Macau 049

    sets available
    HK Macau 024

    5 seconds later, our orders arrived. Gee, these people are super efficient and it’s almost like a sin if you are taking your own sweet time to eat your grub and sip your tea. At first we were really skeptical towards ADC. Why is everyone singing praise of something no brainer like scrambled egg? Once we stuffed those unappetizing-looking eggs into our mouth, there was a dead silence because it was so good! ADC’s scrambled egg were cooked to perfection – light, fluffy, perfectly seasoned while the yolk was still a little runny.  We can never go back to those dry and rubbery scrambled egg anymore.
    HK Macau 031

    The scrambled eggs were so good that we had extra orders, but with steamed bread (HKD 13). The bun was soft and fluffy and the egg inside was juicy and gloriously smooth.
    HK Macau 019

    The macaroni with soup was really salty but patrons around us seemed to enjoy it very much. Credits must be given to those pathetic small serving of char sius scattered around our bowl of macaroni. The half fat half lean char sius were extremely juicy and tender.
    HK Macau 036

    The milk tea was pretty good too!
    HK Macau 042

    Steamed milk pudding (HKD 18) is another “must-try” item in Australia Dairy Co.  Light, smooth (no bubbles!) with a strong aroma of milk, we love every bit of it!

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    We highly recommend Australia Dairy Co Jordan to those who are visiting Hong Kong. Apart from trying out the delicious scrambled egg and steamed milk pudding, it is a good place to experience Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle and the eat-and-go culture.

    Next Up: 麥文記麵家  Mak Man Kee Noodles House next to ADC.

    Australia Dairy Co 澳洲牛奶公司
    47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong (Jordan MTR, exit C2)
    Tel: 2730-1356
    Opens from 730 am to 11pm daily


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