Help! My microwave oven broke down!

    I’m a microwaving expert in preparing microwave meals. Using the microwave requires less cleaning job and it is easy to control the cooking temperature. I can’t imagine the horror of coming home one day and find out that my microwave oven is not working.

    So should I repair or to replace the microwave oven if it ever happens? (touch wood)

    While it is easier to replace the appliances when something went wrong, it might take time to source for a new appliance and get it running. It is an urgent matter you remember? And consider the extreme hot weather in Malaysia, imagine how fast meat rots under the sun.

    On the other hand, repair appliances can save money. Remember to call a professional appliance repair company when you are dealing with a difficult case. For minor repair, there’s no harm trying to DIY with the right parts and accessories. With appliance help, almost every appliance in our house can be fixed.

    These are the little things that we could do to help in conserving our environment too. The next time your appliances break down, get it repair instead of getting a new one. Do our bit to converse energy and resources.