Happy Birthday KampungBoy!



(click to enlarge)

Happy Birthday Dear! Wishing you another year of good health, happiness and prosperity (with me by your side :p)

By the way, what’s for dinner tonight?

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  1. Thanks sweetie. Copy CAT 😛 But I like. Hehe.


  2. Sugar Bean says:

    Happy birthday to kampungboy! Haha, lots of funny pictures. Wish you wealth and health and happiness!


  3. lingzie says:

    you two are so sweet la! :) :) :)
    big LOL at “by the way, what’s for dinner tonite?” hehehe

    happy birthday kampung boy!


  4. boo_licious says:

    Happy Birthday Kampungboy! Hope Citygal takes you somewhere nice for dinner.


  5. Criz Lai says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you and to me… haha. Seriously, 8 May was the actual date?? Quite a surprise to me.. 😛


  6. wee bon says:

    Hiak Hiak…I would say…this is the better comic version presented by Citygal than Kampungboy’s hand-drawing version…Hahah~


  7. Sugar Bean: Thanks ya. Hehe. It was Citygals creation.

    Lingzie: Hey. Thanks. What’s for dinner? Will be posted soon 😀

    Boo licious: Hi, Thanks for your wishes. Ya enjoy d dinner very much. Thanks 😀

    Criz lai: Hey. Oh the same date as you? Haha. What a surprise. Happy belated birthday to you too.

    Weebon: Copy cat must come out with something better wut. 😀


  8. cumidanciki says:

    happy bday! may u grow bigger, wiser, stronger but.. not fatter:P


  9. cumidanciki: Hey. Thanks lot. Wish to grow fatter. 😀


  10. Anonymous says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, KampungBoy! The world’s your oyster now and may have the freshest, dude! 😀


  11. Nic (KHKL) says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, KampungBoy! The world’s your oyster now and may you have the freshest, dude!


  12. babe_kl says:

    Happy Belated Burpday Kampung Boy!


  13. andrew says:

    woooooooot~ Belated birthday to you bro!! +D


  14. This post suspiciously look familiar. I can’t quite place where I’ve seen it before. ROFL.

    Here’s wishing Kampung Boy a very late HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    the comic that kgboy drew for me? oh i love comeeco. did u use that for all ur posts?


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