Contest: The Great Escapade

    As you all know, we just came back from our Hong Kong trip but both of us still can’t quite get over our wanderlust because…

    Reason 1

    There is just so much food around the land of gastronomic delight that we have yet to try! We can always find something to satisfy our peculiar craving of food there.
    hk macau round up

    Apart from having all these food (roasted goose, steamed milk pudding, milk tea, bubble tea, curry fish ball, stinky tofu, dim sum, pork chop bun, wantan noodles, baked rice, polo bun, banana pancake, etc), it was a regret that we did not make it to a few famous eateries featured in our makan list.

    Kau Kee @ Central – famous for their beef brisket noodles.

    Seng Heong Yuen @ Central – a famous dai pai dong. heard that they have very good tomato based noodles.

    Luk Yu Tea House – need me to say more? the traditional Cantonese tea house in the heart of Central is legendary!

    Lung King Heen – the chef was the first to won the highest accolade in the inaugural Michelin Guide in Hong Kong!
    Poster Stimulus

    To make up for it, we have in mind a revisit and how could I do it without my partner in crime – KampungBoy? The MH Flex 1+1 deal would be perfect because for any MH Flex tickets bought, you get to bring your companion along for FREE! Comes as a duo (maybe trio, from all that eating!) but pay at a solo price, unbelievable!

    Reason 2

    We are going to win back our losses of HKD 20 from Hong Kong Jockey Club! For your information, we tried our luck at Shatin Race Course but went home empty handed. We were then told that extensive research on previous race results, horses and jockey will literally get you into the swirl of betting and winning in succession.
    HK MACAU 2009 909

    holding the “losing ticket” with a forced smile

    HK MACAU 2009 900

    the Sha Tin race track
    HK MACAU 2009 893

    look out for the trait of a champion horse – broad and deep chest, the feet shouldn’t be too large, good leg length and leg alignment, correctness of bone and pedigree

    With these useful tips on hand, we are pretty confident in striking that Double Trio (1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order in both legs) or Triple Trio (1st, 2nd and 3rd in the first two Triple Trio legs).

    And there isn’t any other better way to celebrate  the victory than to splurge on a pair of Business Class ticket where luxury is part of the experience. We would choose the Business Companion deal (buy a full fare Business Class ticket and get another at 50% off) to experience the life of a high flyer (pun intended).

    Pay Less & Get More – champagne before taking off, a scrumptious meal of lobster, lots of wine and finally a warm towel before landing

    Reason 3

    I need some retail therapy and Hong Kong is the perfect place to go – from glitzy malls, unique boutiques down to scrawling street markets, there’s always something for everyone! I managed to get only these stuff (in pictures) from my last visit to Hong Kong but fret not because the Hong Kong Summer Sales will start in two months time!  It would be a great time for that quintessential “shop till you drop” experience.
    HK MACAU 2009 1532

    HK MACAU 2009 1541

    Unfortunately shopping is like the ultimate gender divider. KampungBoy really can’t fathom why women could spend so much of their time browsing, comparing, reading labels, trying on and making purchases ultimately. On the contrary, it’s difficult to get him to look at anything he hadn’t intended to buy. *yawn*

    So I have decided to travel alone and get around by myself. Other than pampering myself with a shopping spree, I’m going to splurge (a little bit) on my flight too. The Economy + deal would be perfect because one can enjoy Business Class privileges and comfort with an Economy Class ticket.

    Now this is what I call travel in STYLE!

    doing the Vogue pose with my rich tai tai friend (don’t laugh!)
    grab a deal

    Wait, there’s also this Grab a Deal page which feature different good deals to different destinations with different departure points and travel periods from time to time. Fly to Osaka, Seoul, Taipei and other destinations for less than RM 1,000?

    Now I feel like going to all these places as well! *in great dilemma*


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