Tyre Shop Mamak @ Seri Kembangan

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    It has been a while since we have posted good places to eat around Seri Kembangan. For those who are new here, we used to reside around SK when we first started the blog, hence the numerous reviews on eateries around SK. While I was about to reformat my PC, I found some long forgotten pictures from those “seri kembangan days”. One of them is this famous mamak that takes it place in front of the tyre shop only after 930 pm daily.

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    The mamak is  popular;  with a fair amount of Chinese, Malay and Indian groups frequenting it.

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    For only RM1, one gets a packet of nasi lemak biasa. Hard boiled egg, mutton curry and chicken feet curry are among the famous side dishes that most patrons would order.

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    Although eating chicken feet is an acquired taste, but I swear by it. I love eating chicken feet when it is fresh cooked and hot. The mamak’s version was even better – drenched in aromatic thick curry sauce, it goes very well with our packets of nasi lemak. (RM 2 for 3 feets)


    Our perennial favourite – roti tisu (RM 1.50) fares pretty well too. Paper thin, crispy, with coarse-grained sugar crystals for the sweet-toothed, it has won our votes!

    How I miss those Seri Kembangan days where good and cheap food is aplenty…


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